Farm Girl Quilt to be Quilted


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My goal for May is to complete a quilt for one of my sisters whose birthday is June 3rd. She is amazing, has a small life style property with gardens, hens and a few sheep and a really fun cat. She loves to bake and she is the only other quilter in the family. We have different styles, I think I am more “straight and traditional” whereas she will branch out.

However I have put together a Lori Holt Farm Girl mix of Book 1 & 2 to depict some of her life. Oh she and her hubby are keen campers and like fishing via canoe when they are away. I had to leave the fishing out as I ran out of time! She likes to travel too until Covid hit and they had to cancel their latest trip to Italy I think it was.

Farm Girl top

I need to sew two bits of batting together and the backing needs a couple of bits of stitching. While I was getting around to this quilt I used some of the backing for another quilt and so it didn’t quite fit!!

I will quilt it simply, mostly in the ditch with a bit extra here and there. I want to keep it soft so she can use it out on their verandah or camping or …

March Cat Quilt Finish


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My goal this month was to finish the log cabin cat quilt I have been making and quilt and bind it. I am happy to say this was finished in good time and I even had a perfect sunny and windy day on which to wash and dry it. I have backed it with a blue minky fabric. So its all ready for an April birthday gift to Miss Eight Year Old.

Log cabin quilt

And a little bit of close up

section of cat quilt

Log Cabin Cat Quilt


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For March I have a quilt top I want to quilt and bind for a birthday in April.

When I first started this quilt, Miss A loved purple but toward the end of 2020 she was in love with blue. Oh well, I thought I’ll just keep on with the purple. But then a couple of weeks ago it came to me that I could put the purple log cabin blocks away and make blue ones instead, so I did that.

I have been working on the appliqué during 2020, its meant to be needle turn but I am not into that. I have the books by Carol Armstrong which are gorgeous but a lot of work. So I adapted into machine appliqué.

Here it is on the wall before I sewed the blocks together. I have done that now and it awaits being sandwiched and quilted.

log cabin blocks

Splendid Sampler 2 Completed

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My goal was to baste and quilt and bind my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt. I am happy to say I achieved that, and found myself falling in love with it again. This one is destined to be an extra for winter to keep me warm on my bed.

I washed the quilt – I always do, but was disappointed with the way some of the batting came through. I use wool batting but will be not buying this kind again, just as well it was used on one for myself.


And here it is all folded and ready to be used.


Quilt a Top.


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One of my goals for February is to baste and quilt my Splendid Sampler 2 top. I will stitch it in the ditch and then decide block by block and the borders will be something simple. It would then be nice to get the binding on as well.

quilt top and backing

I didn’t buy any backing when I bought this Flax & Pepper fabric and when I saw this wide  backing in a local online shop I snapped it up. Note to self think early about backing!

Borders on Splendid Samper 2

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My goal for January was to make and attach a border to the Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top. I had fallen out of love with it, however now that I have had a rest from it and now added the border I am happy again. This one will be one for me. Throw size or pull up from the end of the bed when it’s cold.

Section of quilt top


I put a narrow dark yellow border, then a border of pinwheels ( to use up my scraps) and then a lighter yellow border around the final border. I wanted to take some of the emphasis away from the lime green colour I’d used in the inner borders and I think it has made a difference. The green is what make me fall out of love.

Apart from this top, I have been sewing to finish all the tops I’ve started! As the fabric is slow coming into stores at present I guess that is a plus for me. Go do what I have already started!! I quilted one top and plan to quilt at least one top a month! I put in some blocks to another couple of quilts I am working on, so a profitable month.

Complete Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt Top

January banner

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I have looked at what I need to finish – long list! I am so easily tempted to start every new project I see that I like. However I am going to pick up a top that I put away about a year ago because I’d fallen out of love with it. Now that its been out of my sight for awhile it doesn’t feel so bad.

So I have set about planning borders for my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top made with Pepper & Flax fabric by Corey Yoder.  think it will have four borders. One of the borders will have four inch pinwheel blocks. I needed to go a bit scrappy to make use of what fabric I have left.

So my goal is to make and sew on the borders and also prepare the binding. I am thinking a narrow darker border then white then the pinwheels and then white again. We’ll see, it could change as I go.

I think it will end up about 70 inches square by the time I am finished.

Splendid sampler 2 top

Repurposed Queen Quilt Top


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I had made a Queen sized Quilt top but when I put it on the bed I didn’t like it. So my goal for this month was to unpick it all and start to think how I might re-use it. I had already taken off the border in this photo. I knew if I didn’t do something now, I’d fire it onto a shelf and most likely never touch it again.

Quilt top

I did get it all unpicked – messy work but done. The first thing I did was to put together a small throw quilt.

Throw quilt top

And with borders added.

Borders added to quilt top


I also made a small baby quilt for the incubator at the neonatal intensive care in Wellington.

quilt top

I have made backings for these and have included some of the blocks from the unpicked Queen quilt.

I have also made a cushion (pillow) top and a small table runner top to fit one place in my house and a few mug rug tops.

mug rug tops

I have more blocks still to re purpose but I will hold on to them to see what I might use them for.