Recent Quilt Finishes

I seem to be a little behind in posting. When I toss up whether I’ll sew or post I seem to veer towards sewing. Or just you know, looking at fabric on line!

I generally though finish one a month, occasionally two.

Appalachian Quilt

A pattern I fell in love with as soon as I saw Bonnie Hunter of sew your scraps fame, post her version and the pattern. I did finish it in July for my one monthly goal, but just never posted. I love it and have given it to my niece who likes Autumn colours like I do. Some time in the future I may do another!

Appalachian quilt completed

Sewcialites Quilt

The Fat Quarter Shop ran a QAL that started in 2020 and went into 2021. There were 3″, 6″ and 9″ versions of size. I decided to do the 6″. There were also a number of layouts to choose from and after taking time to decide I went with the one you see. I then used it to practise feather quilting and an all over fmq in the middle. It took awhile. Generally I won’t quilt every thing so much. I was a bit sick of it by the end and my ribbon candy around the edge is wonky but I just wanted finished!

Made from left over scraps.

This was also my first venture into starching fabric as I followed every thing that Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop did. So much easier to handle fabric and less fraying for sure. But rather time and money consuming!

Sewcialites Completed

Scrappy Inventory Quilt

This was an idea on the Just Wanna Quilt group on Facebook. I did start out on it. It has a piece of a lot of the scraps and fabrics I have or had, but I am not that enamoured by it. However in its favour, it would keep someone warm! And one of my scrappy backings that I took a one month goal to do. Quilting on it has made mr think I need to look into some round rulers!44640BAD-B245-4AB4-90AA-15940713953A


September Goal


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

A couple of months ago I got carried away and took part in Edyta Sitar from Laundry Baskets 2021 Mystery Quilt.

I knew looking at her patterns that it would be cohesive and so I got involved. Using fabric I had in my stash. I haven’t gone the extra step and put on a border, although some of her borders are beautiful and I’d love her appliqué details to use, but just too expensive! So it still sits at about 60 inches which is fine for a throw quilt.

My goal this month is to

  • baste the quilt after piecing together four pieces of batting.
  • quilt – using a quick all over pattern, have to decide that yet
  • make a binding and bind the quilt.

2021 QAL

A section of the quilt – still to be pressed!! It’s been sitting in a drawer along with the backing that I put quite a few tops, the month I made it my goal to sort out backings for quilts.



Quilt the Appalachian Autumn Quilt


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

When I saw Bonnie Hunter’s pattern for this Autumn Quilt on Instagram I had to make one! I finished the top last year and now its the month to quilt it. I love it, however I am going to give it to my niece Sonia, who is like me and loves autumn colours.

This is a scrap quilt pattern but has a very together look I do believe. I just intend quilting it very simply. So my goal is to quilt and then bind it. I have already basted it ready to go.

App Autumn quilt top

Backings for Quilts


Linking Up with Elm Street Quilts

My goal was to take out all the quilt tops I have finished and to see if I had backings for them. If there were backings I was aiming to quilt some of them.

I know this seems like a lot of goals, but really only one! Face up to what’s lurking about and I am ignoring!

So what I did was I stopped working on any WIP. And… I refused (so far to start a new project, although I did buy a pattern and fabric for a future boy project.) Well I did keep going one WIP because it was a sew along. I have loved the Sewcialites sew along run by the Fat Quarter Shop.

I have to say first up, now that it’s nearing the end of June, I feel really good about what I did this month. Sort of boring sewing scrappy backings but it did soak up some odd scraps of fabric.

Five backings made, and the last top I have ordered some wide backing for it. Was happy to see I had saved fabric for the binding!

Some time ago, well last December, I pulled apart a top I had made from a Lori Holt pattern and the tops I’d made were in the cupboard too, but… I had organised backings as well, made from the blocks as well, so those I set about quilting as they were smaller tasks.  Repurposed Quilt Top.

I started with the small quilt destined to go to the neonatal hospital ward where those born early are cared for. I will need to make another couple before I send this one. They like them 29 inches by 35 inches. This one is pretty close. I also did the backing using one of the blocks.

Front and back of cushion. I had to make it size 20 inches as the shop didn’t have the 18 inch inner I would have gone for. The back gave me a little practise with a ruler! I always use A Quilting Live You Tube video when making a cushion and putting in the zip!

And finally I quilted a small table runner for an area I like to put one in and also quilted a couple of mug rugs.Mug rugs and runner

Facing up to UFOs.


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

This month my goal is to empty the sewing room of tops that are lurking around that I have been just letting sit there. I have been feeling uncomfortable about them all while I blithely carry on taking on new projects.  So I will put aside mostly my works in progress and assess the UFO’s I’d forgotten – sort of.

When I say empty I mean

  • Take them out and look at them – see if I have a backing for it, if not make a backing for as many as I can. I think I have about 8 or 9.  I intend making the backing from what I have. Most of these are scrap quilts, so scrap backing. For example I have a pile of 5 inch squares and for one quilt I’ll use some of them.
  • Maybe quilt some of the smaller ones. None of the tops are big, the bigger ones would still be lap sized.  I am not including binding them in the goal.

Most of the tops – I think I have one or two more in bins.

UFO Tops 2

Farm Girl Quilt Finish


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

My goal was to baste and quilt and bind this quilt in time for one of my sister’s birthday on June 3rd. Today I finished it. As its one that will be for keeping warm under, I used wool batting and only lightly quilted it. I like quilts to be really soft.  I am rather happy with it. It’s like sending coals to Newcastle because she is a quilter too, but still couldn’t resist!

Farmer Bernie #2

Farmer Bernie Quilt 1

Here is her hubby building her a hen house so the hens aren’t free roaming all the time!

Hen house

Farm Girl Quilt to be Quilted


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

My goal for May is to complete a quilt for one of my sisters whose birthday is June 3rd. She is amazing, has a small life style property with gardens, hens and a few sheep and a really fun cat. She loves to bake and she is the only other quilter in the family. We have different styles, I think I am more “straight and traditional” whereas she will branch out.

However I have put together a Lori Holt Farm Girl mix of Book 1 & 2 to depict some of her life. Oh she and her hubby are keen campers and like fishing via canoe when they are away. I had to leave the fishing out as I ran out of time! She likes to travel too until Covid hit and they had to cancel their latest trip to Italy I think it was.

Farm Girl top

I need to sew two bits of batting together and the backing needs a couple of bits of stitching. While I was getting around to this quilt I used some of the backing for another quilt and so it didn’t quite fit!!

I will quilt it simply, mostly in the ditch with a bit extra here and there. I want to keep it soft so she can use it out on their verandah or camping or …

March Cat Quilt Finish


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

My goal this month was to finish the log cabin cat quilt I have been making and quilt and bind it. I am happy to say this was finished in good time and I even had a perfect sunny and windy day on which to wash and dry it. I have backed it with a blue minky fabric. So its all ready for an April birthday gift to Miss Eight Year Old.

Log cabin quilt

And a little bit of close up

section of cat quilt