Complete Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt Top

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I have looked at what I need to finish – long list! I am so easily tempted to start every new project I see that I like. However I am going to pick up a top that I put away about a year ago because I’d fallen out of love with it. Now that its been out of my sight for awhile it doesn’t feel so bad.

So I have set about planning borders for my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top made with Pepper & Flax fabric by Corey Yoder.  think it will have four borders. One of the borders will have four inch pinwheel blocks. I needed to go a bit scrappy to make use of what fabric I have left.

So my goal is to make and sew on the borders and also prepare the binding. I am thinking a narrow darker border then white then the pinwheels and then white again. We’ll see, it could change as I go.

I think it will end up about 70 inches square by the time I am finished.

Splendid sampler 2 top

Repurposed Queen Quilt Top


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

I had made a Queen sized Quilt top but when I put it on the bed I didn’t like it. So my goal for this month was to unpick it all and start to think how I might re-use it. I had already taken off the border in this photo. I knew if I didn’t do something now, I’d fire it onto a shelf and most likely never touch it again.

Quilt top

I did get it all unpicked – messy work but done. The first thing I did was to put together a small throw quilt.

Throw quilt top

And with borders added.

Borders added to quilt top


I also made a small baby quilt for the incubator at the neonatal intensive care in Wellington.

quilt top

I have made backings for these and have included some of the blocks from the unpicked Queen quilt.

I have also made a cushion (pillow) top and a small table runner top to fit one place in my house and a few mug rug tops.

mug rug tops

I have more blocks still to re purpose but I will hold on to them to see what I might use them for.

Undoing What Could Have Been Done!


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I have a strange goal for this month. I have a quilt top completed that I have decided I just don’t like. I put it on top of the bed and thought – it just doesn’t fit in terms of colour. I bundled it up and put it back in the cupboard. I’ve spent all year making these blocks from a Lori Holt quilt along, and I really enjoyed making the blocks. However I don’t want to look at it on my bed and yet I have spent a lot of time and money on fabric. I have decided as 2020 ends I need to unpick it and plan how I might use the blocks in another way. Then I can begin 2021 without it hanging over my head.

Some thoughts are maybe some small baby quilts, could be a cushion cover in it and certainly some mug rugs.Quilt top

Last night I took the border off, and now slowly row by row and I’ll see where I go!

Unicorn cushions

BannerLinking up with Elm St Quilts.

My goal this month was to make a unicorn cushion using Elizabeth Hartman’s Unicorn pattern. I ended up making two, as another sister of mine said her grand daughter might favour one two!

I put zips in the back of the cushions guided by Sherri from a Quilting Life. Very helpful tutorial. 

and my second one

I am happy with both, now I am making a dinosaur one!

An Unicorn Inspiration


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Month Goal.

This month I want to make a cushion – (pillow) for a Christmas gift. I have purchased Elizabeth Hartman’s Lisa the Unicorn pattern and am set to go. Well not quite because a 26″ cushion is a little big for the small house my intended recipient – Scarlett lives. So some Maths is involved. I have to halve all the measurements, and that involves subtracting then adding back an half inch plus renaming fractions etc. The retired teacher in me is wishing I still had a class, I’d present the page to them and have them solve this little practical and meaningful task. Yes people, maths is relevant!

Math sheet

I have decided to make a rainbow unicorn, will put a small border round it to make it up to 16″ – quilt it, then make a backing, hopefully with a zipper in the back, and if not just an overlap. I think I’ll follow Sherri McConnell’s you tube video on that bit.

Then buy an inner and hopefully one cushion made in November. I intend making two more but if I find my way around this one, a dog and a dinosaur cushion will appear next month!

I have picked out some fabric from my stash, and starched as some small pieces involved.

Starched fabric drying

Sewcialites Blocks Progress


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

My one month goal for October was to complete the October Sewcialite blocks.  I’ve become addicted to watching the Fat Quarter Shop Facebook video as each block is made. Kimberley is very fussy about her blocks, I tried to be as good as I could but not near her endeavours. But the main thing is I am enjoying myself – learning some new things and er… I may have bought some new notions as well!

I don’t usually starch but because Kimberley does, I decided to try it out to see how I like it.

I had completed block 1 – designed by Lissa Alexander.

Block 2 was designed by Lisa Bongean

Primitive Gatherings quilt block

Block 3 by Brigette Heitland

Zen Chic quilt block

Block 4 by Vanessa Goertzen

Lella boutique quilt block

Block 5 by Sherri McConnel

Wisdom quilt block

Block 6 by Robin PickensDevoted quilt block

This last one may get a re-do, but not today. It is a bit off in places.

October Month Goal


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

This month I am aiming for a simple goal. I have lots being done but this is one I want to keep my eye on. It is the Fat Quarter’s Sewcialites sew along. I have completed the first block – Harmony by Lissa Alexander.

My goal is to complete four more blocks this October. They are released at the end of each week. I have chosen to do the 6″ blocks. You could make 9″ ones ( too big a quilt for me) or the 3″ (I am not that skilled!)

Here is the fabric I have chosen from my cupboard – I am not buying anything so its like a scrappy quilt as well.

I have since taken out the red fabric as I decided it was too much.

This is how I have shaded in the pattern, I may not put it together like this but its a start, I’ll shift blocks around according to how they play beside each other at the end.

And this is the first block made. Well actually might be No. 2 try as I didn’t like how the first one pressed up, so it went into the orphan block box!

I am starching the fabric for this, I don’t usually but Kimberley from Fat Quarter Shop is and I like to try things out. I only have Best Press which isn’t that strong a starch, but will do.

Windham Horse Panel Quilt


Linking up with Elm street Quilts.

My goal for September was to complete my horse panel quilt that I was making for Rose, my brother-in-laws sister.

I wanted to keep it simple and to keep it soft and warm – so only very light quilting and I got some brown dimple minky for the backing.

Windham horse panel quilt

I found the quilting of the horses somewhat problematic as I didn’t want to take away from them, but the three layers had to be put together!  So I did a wavy line in the green and then outlined the horses and did some vertical rounded lines on the horses with a few lines here and there on their faces.

As I was sewing the binding the quilt felt soft and warm so I guess mission accomplished!