August Plan for Top Finish

I had been working on The Splendid Sampler 2 and have done as many blocks as I intend. This month I will piece together the final round of blocks and then decide if I will add more triangles to finish or a plain border. I have sort of fallen out of love with the project, but maybe working on the top will bring a little of the love back.

quilt top

  • finish a bit of embroidery on a couple of blocks
  • decide on final layout of last row around the quilt top and piece and join to what I have already joined.
  • Decide on the final border(s) and complete the top.

Linking up with one month goal at Elm Street Quilts



Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Finish


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

This month it was my goal that whatever else I did I wanted to finish quilting the quilt I was making for my four year old grand niece. I delivered it to her today and her reaction was I think what every quilter loves, a delight with her quilt, it warmed my heart no end.

Her Nan – my sister opens up the quilt for her to view.

Photo of quilt

Full view

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt photo

Up close inspection of front

Quilt photo

Feeling the back which is a lovely double minky. She always takes over her Nana’s quilt when she visits because she loves the soft backing, so hers has a soft backing too!

photo of quilt backing

And what we love to do with a quilt, roll up in it and keep warm. It is winter here after all in New Zealand!

Photo of quilt enjoyment

Around the edge I quilted some of Scarlett’s female genealogy. So I started with her name and then quilted all those women who went before her back seven generations  to Magdalena who arrived in Nelson from Germany in 1842 on the Skiold.

Quilt photo

And the seventh generation back

Quilt photo.

It’s nice to finish this, my shoulders, wrists and elbow are feeling it, but so worth it!


Quilt Plan OMG for July


Linking Up with Elm Street Quilts.

This month I want to finish the Sunbonnet Sue quilt I started working on piecing back in April.  I have some cuddle minky for the backing, the perfect pink colour for the person – Miss Four Year Old to be in July. Hence it must be completed in July!

I bought the Miss Scarlet fabric back about four years ago after my Miss Scarlett grand niece was born because… well why not!

I have ironed on some French fuse to stabilise the minky as suggested by Leah Day. I have never done this before but I am interested to see what difference it makes.

I measured out all three layers.

Quilt top

I then ironed on French fuse.  Dry iron and protective fat quarter! I was relieved to find it all seemed to work out.
After pinning it all together I have started to first of all quilt in the ditch.

Photo of quilting
So the plan

  • Stitch in the ditch.
  • Fmq around appliqueé
  • Fmq some more
  • Bind quilt

It’s quite heavy to work with so a little every day!

Bookshelf Quilt Completion


Joining in with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

This month I set out to finish up my Bookshelf quilt which I have done – plus put a sleeve on the back to hang it somewhere. (Haven’t decided where yet).

So here is my salute to all the authors who over the years, since I was able to hold a book who have given me so much reading pleasure. Even now I have more names for another shelf…. but too late!


Bookshelf Quilt


The Quilting on the Bookcase Quilt

I free motion quilted names of authors on books, for the background sometimes I wrote book quotes.

In the border I quilted a pattern I watched on You Tube by Angela Walters.

Showing front and part of backing. and part of sleeve.


OMG for June – Quilting on a Book Shelf


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts June Goal.

This month I’d like to finish quilting my book case quilt and put some binding on. It’s sat long enough now without attention and the borders need to be quilted and finished. I am looking forward to seeing it totally finished, especially as I am going to take part in a bookish quilt along that starts in June run by Kate Basti. It’s not like I need another project – I was doing a count up today – I have quite a few on the go, but I couldn’t resist the books!

And here is the quilt I want to finish.

Quilt to be finished


April – One Month Goal – Hearts


I am linking up with the Elm Streets April one monthly goal.

My goal for this month is to make 32 hearts in colour fabric to make a heart quilt for #healingheartsforChristchurch.  After the attack on the Mosques and people at prayer quilters around New Zealand and around the world have answered the call to make quilts for the families of the dead and wounded. They are all green hearts. I made a few and sent them off to be put into a quilt.

So far I only have a few cut out a bit of fabric for the coloured hearts!

My log cabin heart quilt is drying outside, and when ready will be posted of to the hearts quilts for Christchurch.


March Quilting Progress

Well for once I didn’t complete my one month goal for a start!  I did do some of it but a health issue plus another project meant I didn’t get it totally accomplished. Another time.

What I did!

Hearts for Christchurch

Quilters all around the world are making these blocks – I sent my four off but many are gathering together to make full quilts. However we send them off to central places and all the blocks that arrive will be pieced into quilts.  Green is an important colour for Muslims – signifying peace I think, so for all the victims’ families and those wounded green heart quilts are being made.

green heart quilt blocks

Coloured hearts are being made for first responders; police, ambulance, hospital. So I thought of the log cabin heart quilt I had pieced and started to quilt. So I worked on finishing the quilting and next I was going to put in the little square areas above the hearts words like peace, hope, kia kaha (be strong) aroha (love) etc. But I decided finishing was better so going to bind it and post if off.

Log cabin heart quilt

My mother’s memorial quilt

Which was my goal, to finish off the applique in the wedding ring section and make two more blocks.  I did do the applique and  finished one of the two blocks.


This one has names of her children embroidered on, hard to see but when you are up close they are discernible!

quilt block

Bookcase Quilt

Earlier in the month I did some more quilting on my bookcase quilt, and so far I’m happy to have got a good way along. I like to stop and let it gel for awhile about what I’ll do next!

quilt block

teapot quilt block