Article Series: Family and Food

Recently my niece was at my Dad’s home, and one of my sisters and I were helping her pick out a couple of mementos of my mother – her grandmother, who passed away about eighteen months ago.

She burst into tears as she went through the cookbooks and said, “I just want one that Nana cooked out of, that she used often”. My mother was a very good, economical cook, she had to be, cooking for twelve when we were young.

In later years whenever we joined together for family celebrations my mother would bring her cheesecake that we all loved and at Christmas she had a special touch for cooking the ham.

We all learned to cook growing up, we took our turn weighing in and helping with meals and keeping the tins full. Some of my sisters  have gone on to become very good cooks, branching out as food has changed over the years.

My  Family Favourite Recipe

In the following post in this series on Family and Food, I am going to share with you an apple shortcake recipe that is very popular in our family, going back to when I was a young child and my father brought the recipe home after he had been served it in a home he was visiting.

While many in the family can cook it, I seem to be the one who brings it along to any celebration – mainly because I am not much of a cook, but I can make apple shortcake and have been doing it since the age of ten!

I am keen that this recipe will go on down to the next generation and hopefully further.  I know my grown nephews love it, but one wife grinned and said she hadn’t managed to cook it to his satisfaction yet!  I want her to easily do that, and I have been meaning to do something that would assist her.  At the moment they are living in England so a video would  really help.

Valuing Old Family Favourite Recipes

While the introduction of new and interesting tastes is wonderful, I think keeping up family recipes that each generation loves, creates bonds and should be encouraged.

Are there special family recipes you remember from your childhood? Are there ones that you still carry on and are handing down? Or have you gone down a completely different way of providing food in your household?  Is there a recipe that is now lost that you wish had been handed down?

Article Series: Family and Food


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