Article Series: Gallery of Old Recipes

In previous posts I’ve shared about family and food in my introduction post – Article series: Family and Food . I’ve shared a recipe of Apple Shortcake that our extended family loves.

Now in this gallery of photos I am sharing a few recipes, from a book that an Aunty gathered up over the years.  She was my mother’s oldest sister, not that we knew that for many years, as she was a half sister, born before my grandmother married my grandfather. We all thought she was our great aunt! Those were the days.  It caused my grandmother to be ostracised from her German family, so we never knew them really. It was why my grandmother was adamant that we all stuck together as family.

I notice when whowever was writing down the recipes, often the method is omitted.  I guess the standard for baking was used.  She also notes whom she got the recipe from. I found the Coffee Sponge recipe rather interesting.  See what you think of how to weigh ingredients out!

I’ve included a few recipes at the bottom that were various remedies for such things as eczema and indigestion. I’m not really willing to try those!

Click on the recipes to see them up close.

I don’t save recipes anymore, whenever I want a recipe it is so easy to find what I would like on the internet. I think I will try out a few of these recipes and see how they stand up to modern day recipes.


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