Teddy Bear Quilt

In 2016 I attended an evening class at our local quilt shop to make a teddy bear quilt. I think it was five or six weeks long and I finished a good deal of it but not all of it by the the time the class ended. So I didn’t see any finished quilts!

This week I finally finished hemming the binding around the edge and it is now finished. My only conundrum is I don’t know what I will do with it. I love the colours but they are a little in your face for a child!

It has bamboo batting and a fleece cotton backing that is a little warmer than plain cotton, but it will still be a very light quilt, suitable most likely for a twin bed.

Quilt with Teddy Bears

And a smaller up close view

Three bears on a quilt

The backing

Flannel backing

When quilting it I mainly stitched in the ditch but also tried a little free motion quilting inside the bear paws and around the teddy bears. Very new to that, but unless I do it I never will!


The Churn Dash

This is a six inch Churn Dash block that is a bonus block for the Splendid Sampler. As I love the churn dash block I decided to include it and while making it to incorporate a dark green from the Thyme for Friends fabric line.

Six inch churn dash block

I think I have now finalised my colours for the making of the Splendid Sampler quilt 2017 and it is mainly The Wordsmith line by Janet Clare

The Wordsmith fabric colour range

The dark green from the Thyme for Friends fabric collection: Botanical Herbs

Thyme with Friends green botanical


and the Downton Abbey Lady Edith fabric: Swirl


As well I love the Kate Greenaway fabric and will cut bits and pieces from it as appropriate.

Victorian Children

I hunted around for a couple of colours that I just couldn’t get or would cost too much so decided to use what I already have, plus I love the colours. Janet Clare’s fabric range would have been enough by itself and very classy, however I like a little whimsy and a little more just will gladden my heart.

The Splendid Sampler – Rinse and Repeat

Last year I took part in the quilt along of The Splendid Sampler – 100  6 inch blocks plus extras. However I only completed thirty and turned those into a throw quilt that is very bright but which I love.  Now the book is on its way out, I’d like to actually complete a hundred or so – which includes most of the actual blocks and some of the bonus ones. There is going to be a new quilt along so I am looking forward to joining in.

I have chosen The Wordsmith fabric, it is a little dark so at present I am looking for something that is a little brighter to go with it. Something like a light yellow and or peachy orange perhaps. I think it does need something though so will just have to keep searching.


I have started on one of the blocks – just to get a little ahead! It involves little 3/8th inch hexagons! I’ve made two and have four more to go.

Flower made of hexagons

Any suggestions of colour to go with these fabrics?

Mug Rug

As one of my sister’s birthdays is coming up – April 18th I wanted to send her something small along with a card so I made this mug rug with some Anne of Green Gables fabric. I’m making a full quilt with this fabric but took a little from it to make this. I think its cute and just perfect to place a mug of tea or coffee on.

Mug Rug made with Anne of Green Gables fabric

Splendid Sampler Throw Quilt

In 2016 I took part in the Splendid Sampler quilt along. As I was just learning to quilt and six inch blocks are quite a challenge, I used scrap material and a few fat quarters. I was going for a purple / yellow look, but I used red/blue too, thinking I might make two quilts. However after thirty blocks I was distracted by other quilt making and just let the blocks sit.

However I thought it a shame to just leave them so decided to practice a little free motion quilting and complete it as a quilt as you go.  The quilt is very bright! But… it makes my heart happy and I am already finding it very cosy for cool nights to cuddle into as I read or watch TV.

I completed this quilt in April 2017. I have pre-ordered the Splendid Sampler book and would like to make a large quilt with a quieter more homogenous colours. But one that I still love.

Throw Quilt

.Some of the blocks included. Clicking on them will bring them up larger.

I added cuddle fleece to the back, I had already backed with material, but I wanted something warmer. I had used a cotton batting, which is really a summer kind of weight.

Backing of quilt

I have washed it successfully and now to use!


My First Quilt – Disappearing Nine Patch.

I have been learning to quilt for the last two years. Yesterday someone asked me how many quilts I have made and I started to count. I forgot some of them so I have decided to start keeping count of them.

I’ll go back to list and share each quilt, mainly for my own purpose of remembering what I have accomplished.

My first quilt was a nine patch that is called a disappearing nine patch and I learned it from Jenni at the Missouri Quilt company.

I used wool batting and it is very cosy. I use it at the foot of my bed on colder nights, I pull it up to add extra warmth. At the time I didn’t realise I hadn’t quilted it close enough for the batting, so at some point I will need to go back and add some more.

Disappearing nine patch quilt

I love the colours, some of my favourites in this one. It was made with the RJR fabric Lovely by Debbie Beaves.

Completed in 2015.