The Splendid Sampler – Rinse and Repeat

Last year I took part in the quilt along of The Splendid Sampler – 100  6 inch blocks plus extras. However I only completed thirty and turned those into a throw quilt that is very bright but which I love.  Now the book is on its way out, I’d like to actually complete a hundred or so – which includes most of the actual blocks and some of the bonus ones. There is going to be a new quilt along so I am looking forward to joining in.

I have chosen The Wordsmith fabric, it is a little dark so at present I am looking for something that is a little brighter to go with it. Something like a light yellow and or peachy orange perhaps. I think it does need something though so will just have to keep searching.


I have started on one of the blocks – just to get a little ahead! It involves little 3/8th inch hexagons! I’ve made two and have four more to go.

Flower made of hexagons

Any suggestions of colour to go with these fabrics?


2 thoughts on “The Splendid Sampler – Rinse and Repeat

  1. I don’t know the colour names of fabrics you might have on hand. If you want a yellow — something like #ebf393 (that’s the web colour) goes well. It’s the brighter hue of that green you’re using. The complimentary colour would be a cornflower blue (#94a1f3).


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