Teddy Bear Quilt

In 2016 I attended an evening class at our local quilt shop to make a teddy bear quilt. I think it was five or six weeks long and I finished a good deal of it but not all of it by the the time the class ended. So I didn’t see any finished quilts!

This week I finally finished hemming the binding around the edge and it is now finished. My only conundrum is I don’t know what I will do with it. I love the colours but they are a little in your face for a child!

It has bamboo batting and a fleece cotton backing that is a little warmer than plain cotton, but it will still be a very light quilt, suitable most likely for a twin bed.

Quilt with Teddy Bears

And a smaller up close view

Three bears on a quilt

The backing

Flannel backing

When quilting it I mainly stitched in the ditch but also tried a little free motion quilting inside the bear paws and around the teddy bears. Very new to that, but unless I do it I never will!


2 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Quilt

  1. How lovely – well done! I don’t think it is too bright for a child. I’m sure you’ll find the right use for it. Thanks for sharing your progress and completed work.


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