Monday Post

I have been working with small step goals to complete blocks for quilts I want to make. This week I completed three blocks in the Bloom Sew Along which means I have eight of the sixteen I intend doing.

Flower quilt block Large flower quilt block Yellow flower quilt block

I also completed the 10″ block from the Grandma’s Kitchen QAL with Pat Sloan. This week it was a focus on wash day.  As a young child I remember Nana T’s wash day. (Early 1950’s)  It was in the wash house area just off the kitchen.  She had a copper out there, a fire was lit underneath and the water boiled. Then the clothes – sheets are what I remember – were swished around with a large wooden stick. They were then lifted via the large wooden stick and put through a hand wringer into a tub of cold water. Rinsed around and put through the hand wringer again and then hung out on the long line at the back of the house.

What a lot of work! I am so pleased to have been there and seen this. It is something that has always stuck in my mind, the smell of the copper and the work. So easy now to dump the washing in the machine and walk away. The only thing in common is that I still hang the clothes on the line.

Wash Day quilt block

The Splendid Sampler block – 61/2 ” – for the past week was called Lina’s Gift.  Block 18 and on Page 7 of the book.

Block 18 of the Splendid sampler


BOMS away at What a Hoot Quilts

Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt

Main Crush Monday at Cooking Up Quilts


16 thoughts on “Monday Post

    • Thanks Beth, it is always a memory that has stayed with me. Must have know when I was three or four how it was going to be unusual or could have been the fire bit!


  1. I agree with Roseanne.. the greens in the Splendid Sampler are lovely.. quietly ‘splendid’… and I can almost see the sheets in the boiling water on washday at your grandmother’s house.


  2. Nice blocks. Yikes, a wash house and a copper tub with a fire under it in the ’50s? I don’t think either of my grandmas had that set up in the ’50s but they both lived in cities and fairly small properties. I really like your cute floral blocks.


  3. Those flower blocks are adorable! Small steps and small goals help! I have always remembered the sound of the glass water shaker that my Grama would use when she ironed. I was too young to help. My time was spent on the floor next to the ironing board! Love old memories and thank goodness for washing machines today!


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