To-Do Tuesday 29th August

Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Last Week’s List

  • Sew a nine patch block a day and then slice it in four, for the not so quick cornerstone quilt! I aim to have it fully pieced by the end of September. Well as it turns out I got all those blocks done and sliced!Quilt block ready for cornerstone quilt
  • Sew last weeks and this weeks Grandma’s Kitchen blocks. I got onto those and once started they didn’t take too long! Both Grandma’s wore aprons and I am thinking no wonder, because with the labour of washing who’d want to wash too many clothes in those days.Block 8 of Grandma's Kitchen quiltBlock 9 of Grandma's Kitchen quiltAnd this one is Grandma’s Kitchen window.
  • Sew this weeks Splendid Sampler block and start one of the embroidery ones that I haven’t done. I did two from the Splendid Sampler, not the one set for this week because although I did it for the 30 block Splendid Sampler quilt I made, I am not doing it for the 100 block one. So I chose two others.Block 7 of the Splendid SamplerSnug as a Bug in a rug. Block 7. Block 6 of the Splendid SamplerFocal Point – Block 6
  • Walk 50000 steps Just 44000 steps accomplished, however quite a bit of gardening done as my outside time so feeling pretty happy with that. I made use of some dry weather to get out and weed.

This Week

  • Sew sliced rows together on Space quilt to make a cornerstone quilt.
  • Sew the Grandma’s Kitchen block out this week.
  • Sew a Splendid Sampler block, or two.
  • Walk 50000 steps.
  • Time gardening, weather permitting.

2 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 29th August

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    Love your two blocks! Especially grandma’s apron – I love the fabrics you chose and those cornerstones really set the whole block off nicely. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Wow, that’s a lot of great progress! The blocks are all so cute, and I especially love the embroidered block. I think it’s the hand-stitching thing that I love so much! Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for linking up!


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