To-Do Tuesday

Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Last Week’s list

  • Sew sliced rows together on Space quilt to make a cornerstone quilt. √
  • Sew the Grandma’s Kitchen block out this week.Block #10 Grandma's Kitchen
  • Sew a Splendid Sampler block, or two.Block from the Splendid Sampler Splendid Sampler block
  • Walk 50000 steps.  No – 44 000
  • Time gardening, weather permitting.  √  Big yes, very happy with what I achieved. Dug in all the lupin and mustard so that in another few weeks I can start planting potatoes etc.  Digging in the vegie garden

To-Do for the week of the 5th of September

  • Sandwich and baste my Space quilt, possibly a little bit of stitching in the ditch.
  • Start working on September block #2 of the #ILoveHomequilt
  • Complete this week’s Grandma’s Kitchen block
  • Complete a Splendid Sampler block
  • Some gardening – weather permitting

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