What has been and what will be!

My Plan for Week 4 of November was

  • Three more blocks for the Splendid Sampler  √  Actually made 5 which made me happy.
  • Complete the I Love Home block  √ I think I might stitch an outline of windows yet, it looks a little blank!#Ilovehome block 4
  • Sew up Block #21 of Grandma’s Kitchen   √ I really enjoyed making this block and remembering as a young 2-3 year old phoning my nana and chatting to her. Don’t remember what I chatted about! But it is a long time memory.Phone on Grandma's Kitchen quilt
  • One Log Cabin Heart block   √ Yes 
  • Possibly sew on final sashing of the I Love Dirt quilt.  √ I Love Dirt top before quiltingBefore I baste and quilt this I need to talk to my niece in Australia and see what batting and backing I’ll use. Obviously they are a lot hotter there than us. I love wool batting and cuddle fleece but that may just be too warm!

The coming week – end of November / beginning of December

I don’t feel like planning too much this week so I have decided I am going to go each day with my mood and what  I feel like! However I will plan to

  • make some more log cabin heart blocks
  • possibly do the next Grandma’s Kitchen block
  • do what the mood dictates!

I am taking a rest from the Splendid Sampler this week as I achieved everything I wanted to do in it this month! So a little rest before I continue.


Stitch ALL The Things

2 thoughts on “What has been and what will be!

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    You had a great week, checking off all your items! I think a little break from Splendid is in order especially since you made extra blocks this week. Oh, how I love I Love Dirt! It is really turning out nicely. I haven’t done a thing with that pattern yet, but maybe in 2018. Our little guy just turned 12 weeks so I think there is a bit of time before he’ll be into loving dirt. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You accomplished so much! I love the house block, and the Grandma’s Kitchen block too… They both have so much detail in them. Yay for making more Splendid Sampler blocks than you intended. It’s always nice to finish a little ahead! I am in a place of not really wanting to put much on my lists either. There is just so much happening this time of year that I have to just go with the flow. Have a wonderful week!


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