Finished Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt

Completed Grandma's Kitchen quilt

My Grandma’s Kitchen quilt is completed. I used a quilt as you go method to quilt it and learned that it is a good way to go when dealing with a large quilt. I did it in three rows of two. I discuss how this went in my QAYG post  It has wool batting and so will be nice and warm in winter.

So good to have a quilt finished!


The Magic Number of 83 Splendid Sampler blocks.

February banner

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal event.

I set my goal for February to sew 10 six and half inch blocks to add to my Splendid Sampler pile.  With possibly the hope that I’d get another 10 completed as well and reach the total of 83 that I had decided to finish at.

I am happy to say as you can see from this picture I have reached 83 blocks. I am as I write this putting the last embroidery stitches into the last block.

20 Splendid Sampler blocks

I even started sashing some of the others already completed, so I am feeling good about reaching this point in the journey.

Once they are sashed I intend laying them out on point and moving on to the next stage.


Experimentation QAYG on Grandma’s Kitchen

So I have pieced the three pieces of Grandma’s Kitchen quilt and pinned ready to quilt as Pat Sloan suggests. I am a little behind her so she says first of all to leave one side not quilted to about 1 inch, but then when she quilts her second piece she quilts right to the edge. Okay I think – following like a sheep!  And as it turns out – led to the slaughter!!

Here is her way.

And that was all great, but here’s the thing – I had used nice puffy wool batting and Pat has used nice thin cotton batting so this method was great for her but when I did it, it was just far too bulky so I had to adapt.

This is what I did with piece one to piece two. Luckily I had left a wider piece of backing than Pat had so I mucked around and first of all got some of Marti Michell’s one sided tape and ironed it over the seam.

Taping seam down

Sewing one side down by hand

I then folded the back flap over and sewed down one side. It just didn’t want to go right over in one go so this then had to be a two step process because I didn’t want any speed bumps!

Second side sewn down

Then I sewed over the second side and it was nice and flat feeling on both sides of the quilt.  However I did not want to do this when joining the third piece so I left a one inch gap on the bottom of the piece as I quilted. I also chose to put the bottom piece on the top of the quilt as that was an easier section to leave open.

So when I was ready to put on the third piece this is what I did, having learned this from a Craftsy class by Marti Michell.

Cut backing and batting away

The backing and batting is cut 1/8th of an inch larger than front of quilt.

Cut away batting

Now cut away the batting by 1/2 inch with the front and back out of the way.

Iron on Tape to batting

Iron on one sided sticky tape to keep batting anchored, pressing to to the backing.

Join the two pieces

If you want pin the front out of the way.

Match two pieces together

Match the two pieces together just like Pat shows in her video. This is going to be a far less bulky seam.

Sew the pieces together

Join up the pieces.

Sew flap by hand

And now all is left to do is bring backing over and stitch down by hand, turning a 1/4 inch to neaten as you go.

From the front of the quilt

And it feels good and its difficult to see where it was joined!

I am hand sewing down the binding at present.

When I come to quilt the Splendid Sampler I will certainly be using this method.


February OMG

February banner

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal event.

My goal this month is to continue working on the six inch blocks for the Splendid Sampler.  As it stands I have 63 and I have decided that I am aiming for 83 and then by the time I set it on point with sashing and add a border or two it will be large enough for a Queen size.  I was going for 100, but I’ve revised that and looked at an on point layout that can work with that number.  Feeling better about that already!

I will aim for ten blocks this month, but if I get more done that’s good too. I am keen to see this into the next stage of sashing blocks and just getting it out of my hair!

Completed Splendid Sampler blocks