Quilting of the 182 Days Solstice Project

Goal banner

I am linking up with the Elm Street Quilts completion of June goal.

My aim was to quilt the Solstice quilt that I had made as part of a quilt along with Pat Sloan.

I am happy to say I got straight into it and finished that part of it. I did quite a bit of stitching in the ditch and then had a go at practising some fmq on it as well. I am very happy how it turned out. I like my quilts really soft and not heavily quilted so I kept the quilting larger rather than smaller.

Completed Quilt

It is about 60″ square, I made it from scraps, worked around some 5″ charm squares from a Downton Abbey fabric that I loved. I had to eek those bits out.  I am very pleased with it and… to see it almost finished.  Just have to do the binding.  Those are one of my sisters shoes, thanks to her for being the holder upper!

Solstice Quilt quilted

Close Ups of Some Parts of the Quilt

Solstice quilt block Solstice quilt block Pinwheel block Center of Quilt Heart block

Bees block Churn quilt block


Mary’s Memory Quilt

One of my goals for this year was to work out a memory quilt for my mother. She died in 2013. I have collected ideas from the family and I am making it to help us all keep in our memory all that she was and all that she contributed through ordinary everyday living.

So every Monday I hope to have a completed block to share. Its the day I have given over to concentrating on sewing for this quilt – as I do have other work on the go!

This week its looking at where her predecessors – where did they come from?  My mother’s father was William Conole and his family came from Co. Clare in Munster Ireland.  From Ireland he came to Australia and then on to New Zealand.

Her mother was Grace Bruning and her family came from Mechlenburg in North West Germany. They came to New Zealand and lived in the top of the South Island. My grandmother Grace came to the North Island and married my grandfather, they lived for a long time in Waikane and my mother grew up in this region.

I chose a shamrock to represent her Irish heritage and a hepatica flower for Mechlenburg. These will be 6 inch finished blocks. But there will be a few different sizes in the quilt.

Shamrock quilt block

Hepatica quilt block

Milk and Cookies Quilt Block

Milk and Cookies is the #2 block released for the Splendid Sampler 2 Sew Along.  It is designed by Rebecca Bryan.

I sewed this twice! My first one was off and I had to work out why. It turns out I hadn’t cut the wedges accurately enough, and also they did better with an ordinary 1/4″ seam rather than a scant one.  While I was making the block the second time round I cut the background block a little bigger so that I could cut it back to the 61/2″ when I had finished the appliqué.

Quilt block

Above is my first attempt and I almost left it as it is, but decided I”d use this one in a mug rug at some point and went ahead and made a second one.

Centre of quilt block

I can now see the centre is much better and the middle part (the cookie) is going to fit on the plate well.

Comparing quilt blocks

And here the difference in the size of the plates can be seen. Now I will have enough room for a quarter inch seam when the blocks are joined and a little gap as the pattern intends.

Second attempt at quilt block

Completed second attempt at block.

Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt


I finished my Splendid Sampler Quilt and I have been tempted into the second version of this and the quilt along. I can’t resist these 6 inch finished blocks and I learned so much from the first one.

Quilt Block

I have chosen my fabric – Pepper and Flax by Corey Yoda for Moda.

Fabric by Moda

I have been tempted to add in either some purple or coral but I am holding back, I kind of want to see what it might be like with only the colours above.

At The Splendid Sampler website there will be one block a week until the book for the Splendid Sampler 2 is published.

The first block has been designed by Alex Veronelli, you can see his beautiful block and read about his work with Aurifil thread here.  This block is made in a really interesting way. Find the pattern here.


Quilt Market block

Time for A June Goal

Goal banner

I am linking up for June to Elm Street Quilts and aiming to shoot another goal!

I am always drawn to new projects, but then those projects pile up so I am aiming to do a good deal of quilting on a previous project from 2017, where I finished the top but then put it away. So June is the month to get most of the quilting done. I am not going to say all of it because there is quite a bit to be done and well… have to make room for new projects as well!  However I love the colours of this quilt and so I am motivated! I stitched together a backing as well from left over fabrics from this and other quilts as well.

The photo does not do it justice so when I photograph it next time I need to put it in better light, most likely outside!  This top is Summer Solstice – on of Pat Sloan’s quilt alongs.

182 Day Solstice Challenge Quilt

I just basted it together a couple of days ago so I am ready to go!

Basting of Quilt