Milk and Cookies Quilt Block

Milk and Cookies is the #2 block released for the Splendid Sampler 2 Sew Along.  It is designed by Rebecca Bryan.

I sewed this twice! My first one was off and I had to work out why. It turns out I hadn’t cut the wedges accurately enough, and also they did better with an ordinary 1/4″ seam rather than a scant one.  While I was making the block the second time round I cut the background block a little bigger so that I could cut it back to the 61/2″ when I had finished the appliqué.

Quilt block

Above is my first attempt and I almost left it as it is, but decided I”d use this one in a mug rug at some point and went ahead and made a second one.

Centre of quilt block

I can now see the centre is much better and the middle part (the cookie) is going to fit on the plate well.

Comparing quilt blocks

And here the difference in the size of the plates can be seen. Now I will have enough room for a quarter inch seam when the blocks are joined and a little gap as the pattern intends.

Second attempt at quilt block

Completed second attempt at block.


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