Plans for a Bookcase Quilt

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As part of my long term goals I’ve always wanted to make a bookcase quilt but so far haven’t started one.  Last month I saw someone – BluePip Designs  on the June link up making one and it spurred me on to start. I am using the Harry Potter basic paper piecing, but not a Harry Potter one. I’ll put my own things in.

My plans so far!


I think 20 blocks – they are 10″ finished will be enough. I want to make it into a wall hanging. Thats the plan at the moment. Size could change!  I have some fabric I bought in a kit which I am not making and it is perfect for this. I’ll add bits and pieces as I go.

My goal for July is to make 10 of the blocks. Just the piecing – when I get enough blocks I’ll see then what I’ll add to the bookcase. Like a cat playing with pencils which is quite cute and I found in a pattern on Craftsy.

Reading is my first hobby! You can see that over at the Book Date. I only came to quilt making through reading Emilie Richards Shenandoah Album series!


7 thoughts on “Plans for a Bookcase Quilt

  1. Hi Katherine! Oooooh, what a cool goal for this month. I have this on my short list as well, so I will love to see how this progresses for you! There are so many items you can add to your bookcase after you get the books themselves in place. Just like that real bookcase you have – there is always room for one more book or something to display! I can’t wait to see yours. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne I am so happy to be doing this, although we’ll see, I can always make another if I am not quite happy with it but hope I will be. I hope to get a whole new real bookcase as well. We’ll see which I am happiest with!

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