Christmas Memories Quilt Block

The next block made for my mother’s quilt is a Christmas one, because Christmas was always an important celebration for her and a special time for family.  While her Bruning  side of the family from Germany have been in New Zealand for quite a few generations now, I attribute her love for this celebration (rightly or wrongly) to her family. I still remember my Grandmother’s tree and Christmas day, so she just followed on.

We all remember the delicious smells from the kitchen, the ham cooking, the Christmas pies being made. The scent of the pine tree, the Christmas pillowcases (in lieu of stockings) set out by the hearth. Often there was midnight Mass then off to bed to wake very early!

My mother went to a lot of trouble to make this day special for all of us. And that wasn’t easy but with careful budgeting and no running up of big debt we had many Christmas Days to remember because of her hard work.

Every year even in her later years my mother honoured Christmas and loved to have it just right. So I think it is fitting that a block goes in for Christmas. A family time, coming together and sharing a meal, spending time together.

Attic window Christmas quilt block

I made this one in the style of an Attic window, learned through the Grandma’s Kitchen sew along, except I put in on extra frame. The first square is Christmas stockings with the names of my mother’s family on as I wanted to incorporate her family into it. Three are still alive Betty, Barbara and Peter.  Aunty Betty is a real Christmas advocate and still rallies the family together for a day before Christmas when the wider family comes together.

Then the tree, we always had one, the Christmas crib which we had too and of course Father Christmas who was very generous and thoughtful!! Just saying!

I also tried a little colour with crayon and fabric medium so hope it works! I have embroidered it as well so fingers crossed!

Size of block is 12″ finished.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Memories Quilt Block

  1. Hi Kathryn! Oh, this block is lovely. I love the window idea, and this is the perfect use for it. Did you set the crayon? Look it up on Pinterest if you haven’t, but I believe I use a piece of waxed paper over the design and then iron it with a low iron to set it. I was just wondering how your next block was coming along, and here is your post! Thank you again for sharing with us – I look forward to the next update. Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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