Bookcase Quilt Progress

Today I am joining Elm Street Quilts and the completion of an August goal.

My goal was to complete six blocks of my bookcase quilt to add to the ten 101/2″ blocks I already had.

I am happy to say that those blocks are completed. And I have joined the top two shelves to see how they are looking.

Bookcase quilt blocks

I had to stop and think about putting titles on, but after buying a couple of fabric pens I decided against it. If I had an embroidery sewing machine I’d do it, but I don’t. So I am just leaving it to the imagination. Besides I can look at my real bookshelves to see those titles!

Two shelves joined so far.

Two shelves


Memory Quilt Continues

This block is a purse – pattern used from the Splendid Sampler and added on to. It symbolises excellent budgeting skills on the part of my mother. She managed money well.
Quilt block

My mother was a royal “fan” and had great interest in the Queen and many of the royals. So one of my sisters who is also a big royal fan suggested a “royal” block. So I did a shadow type head of the Queen within a crown quilt block – thanks to the Missouri Quilt tutorial.

Crown quilt block

My mother always dressed nicely and would always make sure she used lipstick etc. Her granddaughter Amanda said we should have a block that had pearls to show just what a lady she was. So I had a go at this block, I don’t like the layout that I did so with the next quilt I’ll do it differently but use the same elements. The Splendid sampler 1 again helped me out with this block!

dress block

My mother had fifteen grandchildren so I enlarged this heart from the Splendid Sampler 1 and embroidered in each of their names.

Heart quilt block

Once she had brought up her ten children my mother liked to travel. She and Dad travelled all around the South Island with my brother and his wife. But as well she loved flying and enjoyed going to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. As a number of our family hate flying they did not pick up her delight in flying.

Travel quilt block

In later years my mother and father always enjoyed a quiet brandy and ginger ale at the end of the day. So one of my brothers or his wife (not sure which ( they share a Facebook identity!) suggested brandy and glasses.

Quilt block

I have put the blocks all together now and am in the process of quilting it. I will then think about the changes I want to make and make the next one! I did do a large wedding ring block to put in it but for the next one I’ll chat to some of my sisters and see if one ring would be better.

Quilt block

I got the Sunbonnet Sue hat on the left a bit strange on this one but in the end I let it be. Next time! One of my sisters wanted an acknowledgement of my parents link to faith and church in her life so see a little cross and church there!!




For the Love, My Flock,and Rose and Dot

The three most recent blocks for the Splendid Sampler 2.

Quilt block

Rose and Dot  was by designer Lori Kennedy. I like some of her ideas for fmq, so I must remember to call back to her website.

Quilt block

Block #7 is called For the Love is designed by Sharon Burgess. EPP oh my goodness! This was my second attempt! It took forever and is not something I’d do for fun! But I did give it a good go!

Quilt Block

Block #8 My Flock designed by Brenda Ratliff 

This week’s one is already out and I will get on to that during the week. I like paper piecing when its not EPP so looking forward to this one.

Adding to my Bookcase Quilt

So August is already chasing me down. So I need to think about all the projects I am doing and pick on one to have as my August must do!

I think it will be to continue with my bookcase quilt. I have ten blocks made now, sewn during July. Now I would like to make 6 more for this month and see how that will look with 16 ten inch blocks. I am a little nervous it will be too big for where I want it to go.

Bookcase blocks

The blocks this time will be mostly plain filler book blocks, and one will have a cup and saucer on it.

If there is time I’d like to then arrange the blocks and then sew on the “shelves”. That will be an added possibility for August but not a must.