FMQ my way to a Quilt Finish


I’m linking up with Elm St Quilts for the goal for September.

Earlier in the year I pieced this County Fair pattern mostly as leaders and enders and using left over fabric from other projects.

I have now sandwiched it together – it has wool batting and a thick fleece backing. Sounds heavy and it is but does produce a nice cosy lap quilt!

Sandwiching quilt

I have also stitched in the ditch along the sashing both ways.

Stitched in ditch quilt

My goal for this month is now to fmq in each block with my home sewing machine. There are twenty. I want it fairly simple – I am a beginner fmquilter! I have prepared three ideas that I will place around the quilt and I do have a plan for what goes where!  I’ve done a little bit of practice for it but will be different feel once it is on this quilt which is heavy to manoeuvre.

Once that is done I will bind it (part of the goal) and wash it all going well weather wise.

My quilting plan – all done on good old kitchen grease proof paper!


5 thoughts on “FMQ my way to a Quilt Finish

  1. Go Kathryn, go Kathryn, go Kathryn! You can do it!! I’m so proud of you for giving it a try and making a plan. And a good plan at that. I hope you share a few pictures along the way – I’m looking forward to hearing about it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Hi again! Do you follow Carole From My Carolina Home? If you do, please read her most recent post about her trepidation regarding starting FMQing her quilt. I think you and I can learn something from her suggestion. I wouldn’t use a gel pen though – it doesn’t totally iron away in my experience. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Your quilting plan looks great – do you actually sew directly on the paper? Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

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