One Day I’ll FMQ like I Touch Type!

This month my goal is to quilt this top. It is pieced with scraps that I then put together as leaders and enders. I actually rather like it!

I wanted to practise some fmq, even though this is a rather heavy quilt to do it on with a very thick backing, but I decided to give it a try.

I felt justified in doing that, I was watching a TV programme the other night and it said to learn  new skills because it is so good for the brain. Especially as you get older! I hope to get to the point in fmq as I am in touch typing. How did I learn to touch type. I taught myself with a book years and years ago!

They showed a woman who touch types but couldn’t say where the actual keys are, because it has become so imprinted onto the brain. I wouldn’t be able to tell you either. My fingers just type. Oh to be like that with fmq. And there are so many skilled people who are like that. It’s possible!!

fmq in corner of quilt

I saw this pattern being done by @quiltmekiwi on Facebook. On a long arm! I decided to do it, its a bit difficult so I am only putting it in the corners. I have just done the one so far. I’ll have to practise again before I do the next three because the rhythm has kinda slipped from my mind!

fmq block

My first attempt at doing a daisy like this. After this one I decided to mark out the rest. I actually found this one the hardest of all, I expected it to be the easiest.

My second attempt! I’ve completed all the daisies now and am on to the other pattern.

The third pattern is what I am working on at present. I don’t need to do any marking for this one.

Daisy fmq

So I am making some progress, a little at a time, as it is a little tough on the wrists!

Making progress on quilt


2 thoughts on “One Day I’ll FMQ like I Touch Type!

  1. Hi Kathryn! Good for you, and great job. I think your daisies look great. I especially like the echoing around the edges, following the basic shape of the petals. I also like your approach of tackling one block at a time. This is a fun quilt! I really like the look with all the different scraps in pretty colors. This will be really beautiful when you finish it and something to be proud of. Plus you’ll have a record of when you first started FMQing. ~smile~ Roseanne


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