Scrappy Crossroads Quilt


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

I set out to get as far as sewing together the bits of batting for the Scrappy Crossroads quilt and the backing and then sandwich the quilt together. That was the goal. I then went on to actually quilt, bind and wash it… because why not!


Shows close up of quilting

I really loved the colours as they turned out in this scrappy quilt. I love the quilting I did on the blocks in the middle of each. I am unhappy with the pink X blocks and the quilting there. It just doesn’t look happy.

For the quilting in the scrappy blocks I started with a template of a circular feather and then just echoed around it and did some fmq leaves on the stick out sections. I like it.

I was actually quite unhappy about the quilt. But… I was listening to a podcast last night that said mistakes are learning points, so I’ll make another scrappy crossroads quilt in different colours and hope I can do the X a lot more to my satisfaction. I don’t want it too heavily quilted because then it takes away from the softness.

8 thoughts on “Scrappy Crossroads Quilt

  1. Sorry you are unhappy about some of the elements in your adorable quilt. I like the pink Xs and the quilting. Each step can be a learning experience. Happy Stitching in a Happy New Year!


  2. Hi Kathryn! I don’t think you should be unhappy with your quilting at all – not one bit. I think it looks so nice. I think the pink set off the scrappy FMQ nicely. Happy New Year to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

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