October Month Goal


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

This month I am aiming for a simple goal. I have lots being done but this is one I want to keep my eye on. It is the Fat Quarter’s Sewcialites sew along. I have completed the first block – Harmony by Lissa Alexander.

My goal is to complete four more blocks this October. They are released at the end of each week. I have chosen to do the 6″ blocks. You could make 9″ ones ( too big a quilt for me) or the 3″ (I am not that skilled!)

Here is the fabric I have chosen from my cupboard – I am not buying anything so its like a scrappy quilt as well.

I have since taken out the red fabric as I decided it was too much.

This is how I have shaded in the pattern, I may not put it together like this but its a start, I’ll shift blocks around according to how they play beside each other at the end.

And this is the first block made. Well actually might be No. 2 try as I didn’t like how the first one pressed up, so it went into the orphan block box!

I am starching the fabric for this, I don’t usually but Kimberley from Fat Quarter Shop is and I like to try things out. I only have Best Press which isn’t that strong a starch, but will do.


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