To Do #29


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Week for 19th of July

  • Continue putting together Edyta Sitar’s Mystery quilt 2020 ( sewed blocks in 2021) I should be able to finish sewing the top together this week. Done. I think I will put on a small border and then it will be another top to quilt!Mystery Top 2020 
  • Start quilting the Ombre Carnival quilt Yes, well on the way. Went mostly for simple crosshatch although with all the colours on the top I’ve changed thread here and there. I think the back might be a bit of a mess but hopefully nobody much will look at that!
  • Start hand sewing the binding on my Rustic Charm quilt, its sat there waiting for over a week but I need to start it to complete it! NoIt’s still sitting there! One day I’ll feel like getting started on it!

Week of 26th July.

These are the main three, I’ll probably do other things as well but these are the priority!

  • Finish quilting the Ombre Carnival quilt and maybe get the binding sewn together.
  • Sew the blocks together of the Riley Blake challenge from earlier. Hopefully it will nearer to a top by the end of this week.
  • Sew together a jigsaw of batting for my next quilt to quilt. The quilt is scrappy and I will maybe try out an all over design I have seen Stitched by Susan do on her long arm. Harder on the sit-down so won’t be as good but as its not an important quilt it will hopefully be okay.  She calls it Crazy Eights.

10 thoughts on “To Do #29

  1. Your Edyta flimsy is beautiful! Thanks for the link to Crazy Eights – I enjoyed watching Susan stitch, but YouTube always sends me down a wormhole! Good luck with your goals and thanks for joining us at To Do Tuesday!

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  2. That is a beautiful quilt! Her designs always have so much going on–kind of a “pow” factor I guess. I like the choice of black fabric in there, it really sets that “pow” off!

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  3. Hi Kathryn! Boy, she makes the Crazy Eights look so easy, doesn’t she?! Thanks for sharing the link to her video. I need to check out some of her other ones, too. Good luck with your list this week. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Roseanne, yes she does make those crazy 8’s look so easy and I guess they won’t be, I can’t even get them like hers with pencil and paper! But I have to start somewhere and she has done it a number of times!

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