To do #31


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Week of 2nd of August.

  • Machine sew binding on Carnival Ombre Quilt. Done
  • Quilt the Crazy 8’s design onto above pinned quilt.  Done  I developed sore thumbs at the joints and one night I remembered I had a ring I’d bought at a Quilt Fair one time. I don’t love using it but it helps take the pressure off my hands. I can’t use it with ruler work but for fmq it’s okay. I like the texture the crazy 8’s have given the quilt. They are rather wobbly, but practice no doubt will improve. It made me fall in love with the quilt and as it was a top that iis scrappy that is great. Crazy 8's and ring
  • Finish hand sewing binding on my Rustic Charm Quilt. Done. Very happy with it, but wish I had made it slightly longer. I caved too early!Rustic Charm completed

Close up of quilting.

Close up of Quilting RC

Week of 9th of August

  • Sew binding on my Carnival Ombre Quilt. ( the hand sewing part).
  • Sew binding onto  Crazy 8’s Quilt
  • I have layered another scrappy log cabin quilt and this week I’d like to get that quilted in a simple fashion. I am trying to get tops from pre 2021 quilted and then… well 2022 ones are piling up!!

10 thoughts on “To do #31

    • Thanks Judy. Yes one of the bad by products of quilting is getting little physical quirks that have to be sorted. Especially with fmq on sit down machines, those quilts can be heavy.


  1. I love your rustic charm quilt! And the quilting really sets it off! Have been thinking of doing a similar quilt (with the large scrappy block) in fall colors but I’ve been a little uneasy with just a big square. One at least has a HST flipped on each edge so I thought I’d do that one. I haven’t seen one with the stars before. Is that the actual pattern name or just your name for it?

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    • Linda the hoop is fairly heavy and so keeps the fabric firm instead of my having to spread my thumbs out to hold the fabric. Holding the hoop only involves placing hands down on hoop. I’m not that expert at it but Pauline someone who is an Australian and invented it shows how on You Tube so I must watch her again.


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