To Do for September the 13th week


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Well this week was a slow week in terms of quilting. Firstly I pulled a muscle in my lower back that put me out of sewing contention for a few days (its improving quite well thought). Then the Queen’s death has kept me viewing more than normal.

Main Three for September 6th

  • Border onto the Magnolia top, which is a 3 inch plain one.  Done. Sashing MagnoliaThis photo doesn’t have the border on but it is done! Just don’t have a photo of it.
  • Hand sew down the Scrappy Round the World.  Not done
  • Pin another top ready for quilting.Not done

Main Three for September 13th week

  • Hand sew down the Scrappy Round the World.
  • Pin another top ready for quilting.
  • Sew a border onto a top  of mystery quilt from Edyta Sitar patternMystery Q 2020 part

8 thoughts on “To Do for September the 13th week

  1. Sorry to hear about your back – that is not fun. That Magnolia top is so pretty – I love the colors and the pattern. I’m going to keep the BBC on my laptop while in my sewing room – don’t want to miss anything!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

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  2. Sometimes you just miss the mark, but you will bounce back. I hope you are feeling better. I need to put my Laundry Basket top on the quilt before the end of 2022 list. LOL! Good luck with your plans.


  3. Hope your back is doing better. Major back issues have been my companion for many years so I’m very familiar with how much it affects…everything! Would a muscle relaxer help if you get this often? (personally not a fan but everyone reacts differently so maybe?). Biofreeze, ibuprofen, Rx meds…I keep them all on hand. Is that a recent Edyta mystery quilt? I keep hoping to hop on one of those. I even downloaded everything from her last one.

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