20th September Check In


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My Main Three goals  for the week of September 13th week were:

  • Hand sew down the Scrappy Round the World.Done Good for a baby quilt. I went for Crazy 8’s quilting on it but as it turned out it looks more like Fat 8’s quilting and actually makes it rather cosy, so I can go with that.Scrappy RTW quilt finish
  • Pin another top ready for quilting.Done. As this was actually quite a small quilt about 42″ by 48″ I think, I actually quilted it as well. Now very well I might add, but I did feel like I progressed and finally solved by skipped stitches by lowering the foot. That in itself is a huge relief, I thought it was my speed or something. Pinned Q
  • Sew a border onto a top  of mystery quilt from Edyta Sitar pattern Done and folded away until it has its turn being quilted.Border on M Quilt

Plans for 20th September Week

  • Pin and quilt a small NICU top that is only about 29″ by 35″ which is their requested size.
  • Trim and bind top I quilted in past week.
  • I started  doing the American Patchwork and Quilting Scrappy Quilt Along and have a couple of blocks done and they are having a day long sewing day later In the week via Facebook I think, that I might make the effort to sew a little more on that day. Otherwise this is more a leader and ender exercise.

10 thoughts on “20th September Check In

  1. A nice finish and another on the way–well done! Have fun with the QAL. Do you know what the final quilt is or is it a mystery? (The link requires membership to view.)

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  2. Hi Kathryn! Your scrappy Round the World doesn’t look too scrappy to me – it has nice continuity to it, and it’s lovely. Yay for solving the skipped stitches issue. You had a very productive week! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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