To Do Tuesday #42


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

Week of 25th October Plans

Pin my Riley Blake Challenge top was done.Pinned q

Make Sewcialites Block 2 in the three versions I am doing. Two 6″ blocks and one 3″ one when finished.  This one was called Tussy Mussy and was designed by Susan Ache.Sewcialites Bl 2
And my last goal was a free play.  I mucked around a bit with Pat Sloan’s design of All My Stars with a Cosy Up 5″ stackers by Corey Yoder and a bit of green I had left over from the Riley Blake Challenge. No rush on it, just when I feel like putting a few bits together.Pat Sloans. All My starsjpg

To Do Week of November 1st.

  • Quilt the Riley Blake Challenge quilt each day or most days
  • Make the Block 3 Sewcialites blocks.
  • Make A Quilting Life BOM for November.

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