To Do #45


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Plans for Week of 15th November Were

Make binding and machine sew one side on to the Riley Blake quilt.  Done. I now need to do the hand sewing on it. I have started but still some way to go.

Make Sewcialites Block 5 in a couple of fabrics. I did the 6 inch blocks. The 3 inch will be too difficult for me with this pattern so will choose the one suggested from Sewcialites 1. This block is called Empower, designed by Carrie Nelson.

Pick out what I will quilt next and organise backing and batting and pin together. I chose Magnolia a pattern by Chelsi Stratton. The top was all sewn and in the same Anne of Green Gables fabric as I used for the Riley Blake. I did pin it together and its now sitting ready for quilting. I am mainly going to stitch in the ditch with a bit of fmq here and there.

Magnolia pinned

5 thoughts on “To Do #45

  1. I would definitely not make that cute block in a 3″ size. The blue and yellow one is lovely. (I’d probably try an 8 or bigger block but not 6″!) Your Ann of Green Gables quilt looks great. Hope you have great success quilting it.

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  2. Hi Kathryn! Magnolia looks fabulous, and I’m not one bit surprised that I’m drawn to it. I loved the fabrics in Ann, so they are still fab in this quilt, too. Enjoy your quilting. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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