To Do #46 A Mystery Quilt Along and Mourning the Quilt and Tell Podcast loss.


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I was really upset to hear the Quilt and Tell podcast has been canned by the bosses. Tracy, Lori and Ginger really entertained me with their warm friendship  shared among them and great quilting discussions. I hope they do something under their own steam. They are @SewSupportive, @gstquiltandsews and @loribake on Instagram.

I love good quilting podcasts and the above one was one of my top. favourites.

I also went down under another mystery quilt along. This time with Bonnie K. Hunter’s Chilhowie Quilt  No I wasn’t going to do it, but even though I have projects, the call of something different was too much. I am only using what I have in my stash though, no buying. I am using purple, orange and green. Green instead of aqua as I don’t have much aqua but lots of green.  I don’t intend rushing to keep up, I’ll just stroll along as I feel like it.

Plans for week of November 22nd.

Complete hand sewing of binding on Riley Blake Challenge Quilt.  Done. Here is a back view of it as I want to get out when the weather fines up to take a front view.  I made a really scrappy backing for this quilt. Backview of RBC quilt

Do some quilting on the Magnolia quilt.  Yes I am moving along and planning what do do to it next.Quilting on Magnolia

Make the 3 inch Sewcialites 1 block instead of the one in Sewcialites 2. Block 29. 

Yes I want for this option and it was easier than the S2 option. However not my finest but just going to keep it and put it in. S2 Bl 5

Plan for Week of 29th Nov into December!

  • Continue with the quilting of the Magnolia quilt.
  • Make a Sewcialite 2 block 6 I think.
  • Try to figure how to make a pillowslip  with Christmas fabric. I want to make it with a flap but am bamboozled by the variety of tutorials on You Tube but aim to try and combine two that just may help me.
  • Make some Chilhowie blocks here and there!

14 thoughts on “To Do #46 A Mystery Quilt Along and Mourning the Quilt and Tell Podcast loss.

  1. I have a hard time wading through Bonnie’s posts, but I just took a peek at the Chilhowie mystery, and it is tempting. I love purples with almost anything. Good luck with your pillow cover – YouTube is almost too helpful, right? Your Magnolia quilting looks fantastic, and my hat is off to you for making a 3-inch block. Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

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  2. So sorry to hear about the Quilt and Tell podcast being cancelled! What other quilting podcasts do you enjoy?
    I agree with you regarding your mystery quilt along – slow and steady wins the race!
    Your Riley Blake quilt is lovely and that quilting! Wow! So pretty! You are a phenomenal quilter!
    Your three-inch square looks just fine; that’s a tough size to work with!


  3. Hi Kathryn! Darn it – I was just going to get into listening to that podcast. I’m a podcast newbie and I thought that one sounded like something I could handle. If you hear they do something else, please share the details! What else do you listen to? Oh, I saw your response to Patricia. I’m glad you found a new project to inspire you! She runs her QALs at a nice pace so you can keep up! Good luck with the pillowslip. There are a LOT of helpful tips out there – too many sometimes. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Bonnie’s mysteries are hard to pass up. I’ve started making just half the blocks, I can usually finish them if I start small. Good luck with your to do list.


  5. Quilt & Tell was one of my favorite podcast as well. I have loved listening to Ginger becoming more of a quilter over the past few years. It is with a heavy heart that I won’t get to hear all the upbeat and wonderful things the ladies have shared over the years. They were especially inspirational during Covid.

    I love your your Magnolia quilt. Good luck with your sewcialite blocks and your new MQAL. Thanks for sharing!!!


  6. I haven’t heard of that podcast but I also don’t listen to them often–mainly because I don’t know of any good ones so I’ll have to check it out. I can at least listen to all the old ones I guess! I love the 3″ block. (I’d totally choose to do the 3″ ones!). Good luck on your list!


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