To Do Tuesday #24


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Plans for June 7th Week Were

  • start piecing the Rustic Charm top together. I did get the blocks sewn together and then the rows so that I have a completed top. Quite a bit of unpicking was accomplished as I discovered errors I hadn’t seen!Rustic Charms top 
  • Quilt as much as I can on the Scrappy Crossroads quilt. I finished the quilting on the Scrappy Crossroads quilt which I was happy to do. Quilted Crossroads
  • Serendipity – because I like not planning and then picking something up on a whim. Best of both worlds because 1 & 2 are planning and 3 is mood sewing. I made a second cushion for a great niece which she was happy with! Forgot to take a photo.                          

I also wrote five postcards and sent them off. I joined Frances Dowell’s QuiltFiction group on Facebook which is a quilting /reading group. She organised for those who wanted to be placed in a group and send of cards. So I thought that would be fun. Post as it is these days my fingers are crossed they will arrive!  Hopefully 5 will arrive at some point to me, one from Canada and 4 from USA.

To Due Week of 14th June

  • Machine sew binding on Scrappy Crossroads quilt and start hand sewing it to the back.
  • Pin and start quilting my Rustic Charm quilt.
  • Serendipity choices. If time! I have two more “orders” for cushions, one from Miss 6 and one from Mr. 8, once they saw their cousins one they wanted one too!

Memory Quilt #3 Top Completed


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My goal for November was to complete the top for my memory quilt #3 of my mother, destined for one of my nieces. 

I am pleased to say this is done and now I will need to sandwich and quilt it. 

#3 Mary top complete

#3 top of quilt wedding ring block

Wedding ring block with photos this time. First time trying this. Hoping it will wash well!

Washing line #3

Every day there was washing! A fire to be lit to heat the water. Then a washing machine with a wringer where the clothes had to be put through into a tub of cold water and then wrung again!

#3 great grandchildren

All the great grandchildren so far and one little heart for the first great great grand child.



Finish Up Top #3 Memory Quilt

My goal for November.


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Sometimes when I look at all the projects I have going it is difficult to pick on one I want to see move right along in November. I have decided on …

  • completing the blocks in #3 Memory quilt I am making of my mother, I have two to make.
  • sew the blocks together
  • decide on a border and sew on.
  • sort out some backing and batting for the quilt

So by the end of the month I would like to have it all ready to pin together and to quilt it in December.

I am making this out of one of Edyta Sitar’s fabric collections – Perfect Union 

This quilt is intended for one of my nieces, the previous two I have given to two of my sisters. It is a way of honouring a life well lived and given for our family.

Blocks Memory Q#3

Farm Girl Quilt Finish


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My goal was to baste and quilt and bind this quilt in time for one of my sister’s birthday on June 3rd. Today I finished it. As its one that will be for keeping warm under, I used wool batting and only lightly quilted it. I like quilts to be really soft.  I am rather happy with it. It’s like sending coals to Newcastle because she is a quilter too, but still couldn’t resist!

Farmer Bernie #2

Farmer Bernie Quilt 1

Here is her hubby building her a hen house so the hens aren’t free roaming all the time!

Hen house

Farm Girl Quilt to be Quilted


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My goal for May is to complete a quilt for one of my sisters whose birthday is June 3rd. She is amazing, has a small life style property with gardens, hens and a few sheep and a really fun cat. She loves to bake and she is the only other quilter in the family. We have different styles, I think I am more “straight and traditional” whereas she will branch out.

However I have put together a Lori Holt Farm Girl mix of Book 1 & 2 to depict some of her life. Oh she and her hubby are keen campers and like fishing via canoe when they are away. I had to leave the fishing out as I ran out of time! She likes to travel too until Covid hit and they had to cancel their latest trip to Italy I think it was.

Farm Girl top

I need to sew two bits of batting together and the backing needs a couple of bits of stitching. While I was getting around to this quilt I used some of the backing for another quilt and so it didn’t quite fit!!

I will quilt it simply, mostly in the ditch with a bit extra here and there. I want to keep it soft so she can use it out on their verandah or camping or …

Unicorn cushions

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My goal this month was to make a unicorn cushion using Elizabeth Hartman’s Unicorn pattern. I ended up making two, as another sister of mine said her grand daughter might favour one two!

I put zips in the back of the cushions guided by Sherri from a Quilting Life. Very helpful tutorial. 

and my second one

I am happy with both, now I am making a dinosaur one!

An Unicorn Inspiration


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Month Goal.

This month I want to make a cushion – (pillow) for a Christmas gift. I have purchased Elizabeth Hartman’s Lisa the Unicorn pattern and am set to go. Well not quite because a 26″ cushion is a little big for the small house my intended recipient – Scarlett lives. So some Maths is involved. I have to halve all the measurements, and that involves subtracting then adding back an half inch plus renaming fractions etc. The retired teacher in me is wishing I still had a class, I’d present the page to them and have them solve this little practical and meaningful task. Yes people, maths is relevant!

Math sheet

I have decided to make a rainbow unicorn, will put a small border round it to make it up to 16″ – quilt it, then make a backing, hopefully with a zipper in the back, and if not just an overlap. I think I’ll follow Sherri McConnell’s you tube video on that bit.

Then buy an inner and hopefully one cushion made in November. I intend making two more but if I find my way around this one, a dog and a dinosaur cushion will appear next month!

I have picked out some fabric from my stash, and starched as some small pieces involved.

Starched fabric drying

Windham Horse Panel Quilt


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My goal for September was to complete my horse panel quilt that I was making for Rose, my brother-in-laws sister.

I wanted to keep it simple and to keep it soft and warm – so only very light quilting and I got some brown dimple minky for the backing.

Windham horse panel quilt

I found the quilting of the horses somewhat problematic as I didn’t want to take away from them, but the three layers had to be put together!  So I did a wavy line in the green and then outlined the horses and did some vertical rounded lines on the horses with a few lines here and there on their faces.

As I was sewing the binding the quilt felt soft and warm so I guess mission accomplished!