Good bye February


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Plans for the Last Week

  • Hand sew binding to J Steves Bom ’21 and so finish. Done. And was my February Month Goal
  • Make Sewcialites Block #17. Yes made the six inch and three inch.  The Simplicity Block designed by Vanessa Goertzen. Sewcialites #17
  • Add final border to the NICU top. Done.  I found enough fabric to make the required size for the border so I didn’t need to make a patchwork one.  So this takes care of the 6 inch blocks I made from A Quilting Life’s BOM.6 AQL 2022

Plans for the Coming Week

This week I think will be a “whatever week”. I have blocks I can make in a few projects. I will wait to see what my March month goal will be and then start to work on that. I have a list of 12 things to progress, but am following along with Sherri at a Quilting Life for giving us the number in  her Patreon group. Of course Sewcialites #18 block for sure.  Possibly wash a quilt or two depending on the weather.

To Do #46 A Mystery Quilt Along and Mourning the Quilt and Tell Podcast loss.


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

I was really upset to hear the Quilt and Tell podcast has been canned by the bosses. Tracy, Lori and Ginger really entertained me with their warm friendship  shared among them and great quilting discussions. I hope they do something under their own steam. They are @SewSupportive, @gstquiltandsews and @loribake on Instagram.

I love good quilting podcasts and the above one was one of my top. favourites.

I also went down under another mystery quilt along. This time with Bonnie K. Hunter’s Chilhowie Quilt  No I wasn’t going to do it, but even though I have projects, the call of something different was too much. I am only using what I have in my stash though, no buying. I am using purple, orange and green. Green instead of aqua as I don’t have much aqua but lots of green.  I don’t intend rushing to keep up, I’ll just stroll along as I feel like it.

Plans for week of November 22nd.

Complete hand sewing of binding on Riley Blake Challenge Quilt.  Done. Here is a back view of it as I want to get out when the weather fines up to take a front view.  I made a really scrappy backing for this quilt. Backview of RBC quilt

Do some quilting on the Magnolia quilt.  Yes I am moving along and planning what do do to it next.Quilting on Magnolia

Make the 3 inch Sewcialites 1 block instead of the one in Sewcialites 2. Block 29. 

Yes I want for this option and it was easier than the S2 option. However not my finest but just going to keep it and put it in. S2 Bl 5

Plan for Week of 29th Nov into December!

  • Continue with the quilting of the Magnolia quilt.
  • Make a Sewcialite 2 block 6 I think.
  • Try to figure how to make a pillowslip  with Christmas fabric. I want to make it with a flap but am bamboozled by the variety of tutorials on You Tube but aim to try and combine two that just may help me.
  • Make some Chilhowie blocks here and there!

To Do #44


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Plans for the past week were:

Finish Quilting Riley Blake Block Challenge.

Done.Riley Blake Challenge no binding 

Make the Designer Mystery Block of the Month using Nantucket Summer.  Done.  Vanessa Goertzen was the designer for Block 5.DMB 5 

Work on the Sewcialites next block – 4. In at least one of the fabrics I’m doing it in.

Six and half inch block. Flirty designed by Chelsi Stratton, done in Nantucket Summer by Camille. And the three inch block in Seashore Drive fabric by Sherri and Chelsi.

Plans for Week of 15th November.

Make binding and machine sew one side on to the Riley Blake quilt.

Make Sewcialites Block 5 in a couple of fabrics.

Pick out what I will quilt next and organise backing and batting and pin together.

To Do for September the 13th week


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Well this week was a slow week in terms of quilting. Firstly I pulled a muscle in my lower back that put me out of sewing contention for a few days (its improving quite well thought). Then the Queen’s death has kept me viewing more than normal.

Main Three for September 6th

  • Border onto the Magnolia top, which is a 3 inch plain one.  Done. Sashing MagnoliaThis photo doesn’t have the border on but it is done! Just don’t have a photo of it.
  • Hand sew down the Scrappy Round the World.  Not done
  • Pin another top ready for quilting.Not done

Main Three for September 13th week

  • Hand sew down the Scrappy Round the World.
  • Pin another top ready for quilting.
  • Sew a border onto a top  of mystery quilt from Edyta Sitar patternMystery Q 2020 part

August 30th. What’s Planned?


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ToDo #31

I took a break from blogging last week, but not a break from some quilting. I have managed not to start anything new and have tried to focus on things I have started.

Looking back at week of August 16th to 30th.  My big three!

  • Machine sew binding on Log Cabin quilt. Done
  • Hand sew binding on Crazy 8’s quilt to back.  Done Crazy 8

It’s not as refined as Stitched by Susan, but it does give a great feel to the quilt so am happy. Will make a good baby quilt I think.

  • Layer and start quilting another pre 2022 quilt top. DoneScrappy Round the World

Yes I used Crazy 8’s on this one too, and like it as well. Binding is next.

Plans for Week of 30th of August. 

  • Machine sew on binding for Scrappy Round the World quilt.
  • Hand stitch the binding on the Log Cabin
  • Sew some blocks together of a project I am working on – Magnolia, a pattern by Chelsi Startton.

And that’s my three for now.

To Do #30


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Week of 26th July.

These are the main three, I’ll probably do other things as well but these are the priority!

  • Finish quilting the Ombre Carnival quilt and maybe get the binding sewn together. DoneOmbre Cranival Quilted.
  • Sew the blocks together of the Riley Blake challenge from earlier. Hopefully it will nearer to a top by the end of this week. Done.Riley Blake Challenge top 
    • Sew together a jigsaw of batting for my next quilt to quilt. The quilt is scrappy and I will maybe try out an all over design I have seen Stitched by Susan do on her long arm. Harder on the sit-down so won’t be as good but as its not an important quilt it will hopefully be okay.  She calls it Crazy Eights.Batting sewn together, and all pinned ready to be quilted.Ready for Quilting

Week of 2nd of August.

  • Machine sew binding on Carnival Ombre Quilt
  • Quilt the Crazy 8’s design onto above pinned quilt.
  • Finish hand sewing binding on my Rustic Charm Quilt

To Do Tuesday #24


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Plans for June 7th Week Were

  • start piecing the Rustic Charm top together. I did get the blocks sewn together and then the rows so that I have a completed top. Quite a bit of unpicking was accomplished as I discovered errors I hadn’t seen!Rustic Charms top 
  • Quilt as much as I can on the Scrappy Crossroads quilt. I finished the quilting on the Scrappy Crossroads quilt which I was happy to do. Quilted Crossroads
  • Serendipity – because I like not planning and then picking something up on a whim. Best of both worlds because 1 & 2 are planning and 3 is mood sewing. I made a second cushion for a great niece which she was happy with! Forgot to take a photo.                          

I also wrote five postcards and sent them off. I joined Frances Dowell’s QuiltFiction group on Facebook which is a quilting /reading group. She organised for those who wanted to be placed in a group and send of cards. So I thought that would be fun. Post as it is these days my fingers are crossed they will arrive!  Hopefully 5 will arrive at some point to me, one from Canada and 4 from USA.

To Due Week of 14th June

  • Machine sew binding on Scrappy Crossroads quilt and start hand sewing it to the back.
  • Pin and start quilting my Rustic Charm quilt.
  • Serendipity choices. If time! I have two more “orders” for cushions, one from Miss 6 and one from Mr. 8, once they saw their cousins one they wanted one too!

To Do Tuesday #6 2022


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

For week 1st February

  • Sew on binding of log cabin quilt. Done. Just finishing off a few small tucks I go in the backing. Next time I am pinning, if there is a next time, a large quilt like this one, I will get someone to help me with the moving of it on the table. It was heavy and just in one corner I got into some tuck problems, not going to be noticeable though.
  • Sew Sweet Dreams block 5.  QAL Done Sweet Dreams 5
  • Sew Block 4 for of Riley Blake Challenge QAL. DoneRiely Blake #4jpg
  • Make a Magnolia block or two. Did one.
  • Continue leaders and enders for Rustic Charm top. Yes.
  • Press and pin Checker Boards Star top ready for quilting and start quilting in the ditch. Done Checkerboard Stars pinned

Week of 8th February.

  • Complete some stitch in ditch on the Checker Boards Star top.
  • Sweet Dreams Block 6 QAL
  • Riley Blake Challenge block 5
  •  BOM February block from A Quilting Life.
  • Possibles are another Magnolia block, and of course continuing with the leaders and enders Rustic Charm project.