To Do #25


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To Do  Plans for week of 14th June

  • Machine sew binding on Scrappy Crossroads quilt and start hand sewing it to the back. Done.  Sorry for the dark photo, winter day photography!Scrappy Crossroads finish 
  • Pin and start quilting my Rustic Charm quilt. All pinned and started to quilt around the wonky stars. My quilting is not the best around them, rather uneven, I am just calling it wonky quilting!
  • Serendipity choices. If time! I have two more “orders” for cushions, one from Miss 6 and one from Mr. 8, once they saw their cousins one they wanted one too! Finished Miss 6 and Mr 8 cushions. (We call them cushions, I think the USA would call them pillows.) They had done the art on fabric and then I turned them into cushions for them. Scarlett made a mistake in the name so without shame crossed out the letter and kept going!  The cushions are 16″ and I put a zip in at the back, I like to use Sherri’s tutorial from A Quilting life on You Tube for this. 
  • I also took the opportunity this week to make the June BOM that I am doing through A  Quilting Life. I am doing both the 12″ and 6″ blocks. June BOM

Week of 21st June Plan

  • Continue to quilt Rustic Charm quilt. Hope to get all stars done and then do next step.
  • Spend the week looking at some of the projects I’ve cast aside and see what I can do with them. Take them another step or more. I really have a lot, I keep getting side tracked by new projects.  No new projects this week. No serendipity – just eyes on the “cast asides”.

Repurposed Queen Quilt Top


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I had made a Queen sized Quilt top but when I put it on the bed I didn’t like it. So my goal for this month was to unpick it all and start to think how I might re-use it. I had already taken off the border in this photo. I knew if I didn’t do something now, I’d fire it onto a shelf and most likely never touch it again.

Quilt top

I did get it all unpicked – messy work but done. The first thing I did was to put together a small throw quilt.

Throw quilt top

And with borders added.

Borders added to quilt top


I also made a small baby quilt for the incubator at the neonatal intensive care in Wellington.

quilt top

I have made backings for these and have included some of the blocks from the unpicked Queen quilt.

I have also made a cushion (pillow) top and a small table runner top to fit one place in my house and a few mug rug tops.

mug rug tops

I have more blocks still to re purpose but I will hold on to them to see what I might use them for.

Unicorn cushions

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My goal this month was to make a unicorn cushion using Elizabeth Hartman’s Unicorn pattern. I ended up making two, as another sister of mine said her grand daughter might favour one two!

I put zips in the back of the cushions guided by Sherri from a Quilting Life. Very helpful tutorial. 

and my second one

I am happy with both, now I am making a dinosaur one!