Splendid Sampler 2 Completed

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My goal was to baste and quilt and bind my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt. I am happy to say I achieved that, and found myself falling in love with it again. This one is destined to be an extra for winter to keep me warm on my bed.

I washed the quilt – I always do, but was disappointed with the way some of the batting came through. I use wool batting but will be not buying this kind again, just as well it was used on one for myself.


And here it is all folded and ready to be used.


Quilt a Top.


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One of my goals for February is to baste and quilt my Splendid Sampler 2 top. I will stitch it in the ditch and then decide block by block and the borders will be something simple. It would then be nice to get the binding on as well.

quilt top and backing

I didn’t buy any backing when I bought this Flax & Pepper fabric and when I saw this wide  backing in a local online shop I snapped it up. Note to self think early about backing!

Borders on Splendid Samper 2

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My goal for January was to make and attach a border to the Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top. I had fallen out of love with it, however now that I have had a rest from it and now added the border I am happy again. This one will be one for me. Throw size or pull up from the end of the bed when it’s cold.

Section of quilt top


I put a narrow dark yellow border, then a border of pinwheels ( to use up my scraps) and then a lighter yellow border around the final border. I wanted to take some of the emphasis away from the lime green colour I’d used in the inner borders and I think it has made a difference. The green is what make me fall out of love.

Apart from this top, I have been sewing to finish all the tops I’ve started! As the fabric is slow coming into stores at present I guess that is a plus for me. Go do what I have already started!! I quilted one top and plan to quilt at least one top a month! I put in some blocks to another couple of quilts I am working on, so a profitable month.

Complete Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt Top

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I have looked at what I need to finish – long list! I am so easily tempted to start every new project I see that I like. However I am going to pick up a top that I put away about a year ago because I’d fallen out of love with it. Now that its been out of my sight for awhile it doesn’t feel so bad.

So I have set about planning borders for my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top made with Pepper & Flax fabric by Corey Yoder.  think it will have four borders. One of the borders will have four inch pinwheel blocks. I needed to go a bit scrappy to make use of what fabric I have left.

So my goal is to make and sew on the borders and also prepare the binding. I am thinking a narrow darker border then white then the pinwheels and then white again. We’ll see, it could change as I go.

I think it will end up about 70 inches square by the time I am finished.

Splendid sampler 2 top

Quilt Planning for 2020


Looking Back First of all.

So what did I want to do for 2019?

  1. Complete quilting my bookshelf quilt.   Yes, and its hanging on the wall.
  2. Quilt my hearts quilt. Yes and I donated it to the Christchurch first responders to the shooting in March. I’ll want to make another one for keeping!
  3. Quilt my Sunny Skies quilt. Sunny Skies? Let me think about that, maybe the top is still sitting in the cupboard.
  4. Quilt my Scrappy Crossroads quilt. Well I know about this one, its my December goal and I do believe I am going to go beyond my goal and totally finish it seen is I am about to work on the binding.
  5. Continue to work on my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt and at least complete the flimsy of it. Yes, I aborted from making the full 100 blocks and made a slightly smaller flimsy and happy with that.
  6. Make a simple quilted bag or two! Oh yes and very happy with them too.
  7. Make a couple of mug rugs. Made one and have another waiting to have binding.
  8. Begin to piece another scrappy quilt  or two or… I did put another one or two on their way, still working on them. But.. have decided the Scrappy Crossroads is my favourite kind of scrappy.
  9. Complete the flimsy of the second memorial quilt in memory of my mother. I completed one this year.  I did add blocks but didn’t complete the top yet.
  10. Work through an online class on free motion quilting and develop  more skills. I did watch various tutorials and did more fmq and am happy with this goal. 

So all in all the good year and of course I made things on the spur of the moment which is part of the fun of quilting.

Most delighted with

Quilt photo

Mostly because Scarlett loved this quilt and wraps herself up in it often in winter and cries if she leaves it behind as she goes between her grandmother’s and her own house. What more can you ask as a quilter!

Happy gifting

My niece and two great nieces in Auckland responded well to these quilts – the one on the left finished in a previous year and the middle one a spontaneous quilt of this year and the Bloom  quilt – sewn a previous year and quilted this year.

Hearts Quilt

After the Christchurch shooting in the mosque quilters were called upon to make quilts for the Muslim families and the first responders and so I was really happy to get involved.

For first responders and four blocks for the Muslim quilts that I sent off. I also received enough blocks from the headquarters to put together two green heart quilts but don’t seem to have any photos on my computer.

Biggest booboo

damaged finger

Putting the machine sewing needle through my finger while using my walking foot and three layers of fabric. Really – it happens! Totally good as new now!


  • Finish the top of my second memory quilt of my mother and quilt it. I want to write up a booklet too of her life with photos – I keep saying I’ll do it so 2020 seems like its a must
  • I want to do the top of Vintage Quilt blocks that Lori Holt has, I fell in love with it and I am a bit of a traditional person and prefer traditional too modern.
  • Quilt my Splendid Sampler 2 top.
  • Find Sunny Skies and quilt it!
  • Finish some 61/2 inch appliqué / embroidery blocks I am doing for a log cabin quilt.
  • Take part in the Aurifil block of the month. One block a month.
  • Complete Ombre Bloom Kit top
  • Design and complete lap surfing / beach quilt for my brother-in-law for our next winter.
  • Be open to whatever catches my eye and desire to do it.

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August Plan for Top Finish

I had been working on The Splendid Sampler 2 and have done as many blocks as I intend. This month I will piece together the final round of blocks and then decide if I will add more triangles to finish or a plain border. I have sort of fallen out of love with the project, but maybe working on the top will bring a little of the love back.

quilt top

  • finish a bit of embroidery on a couple of blocks
  • decide on final layout of last row around the quilt top and piece and join to what I have already joined.
  • Decide on the final border(s) and complete the top.

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Keeping up with the Splendid Sampler 2 in December


My goal for December – to keep up with the Splendid Sampler 2 as the blocks are assigned.  Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the one month goal.

December 6th week blocks

four quilt blocks

December 13th Blocks

The one on the top right was the most challenging as it had EPP and hand applique – which aren’t my favourite ways, but I was happy I completed it reasonably well and felt I had learned something new.

4 quilt blocks Splendid Sampler 2

As it turns out after this there were bonus blocks that I won’t be doing as I need only 101 for the setting I am doing. I took the lull for the holidays allowance to make the sashing for some of the blocks already made so I am on track and goal accomplished.

December OMG – Keeping up with the Splendid Sampler 2


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for December.

My goal this month is to keep up with the Splendid Sampler 2 six inch blocks being released in December. Most weeks they are releasing four a week. So to complete whatever is assigned. Except maybe for the last week as they will only have just been given. So I guess about twelve blocks.

Starting with the ones that have just been released this week.  Splendid Sampler Sew Along December 6th

And this is my version of  First Aid designed by Jane Davidson and one of last weeks blocks.

quilt block