November Goal Completed.

My November goal was to complete 14 six inch blocks for the Splendid Sampler. That would take my total up to 60/100, which would give it a boost along the way. And I am happy to say that I now have sixty. These are the ones I completed during November. They involved ordinary piecing, piecing curves, foundation piecing, appliqué  and embroidery.
14 Completed Splendid Sampler blocks

Completed blocks

One Month Goal

I am again joining in with Elm Street Quilts for the November One Monthly Goal



Week 3 of November Achievements

Achievments for Week 3 of November

  • Complete 3 more blocks in the Splendid Sampler I started on these first as I have the goal of making 14 this month.  I now have 9/14 done. The two piecing ones I did I found quite difficult and they are  not the best. One was foundation pieced and while I usually enjoy that, this one – not so much! It ended up a little smaller than 61/2″ so will just have to put a slightly bigger border on it. For the third one I chose an easy appliqué block!
    Block 89 of Splendid Sampler

    Titled From Colorado to the Midwest and designed by Ebony Love.

    Block 93 of Splendid Sampler

    Titled Tiny Miracles and designed by April Rosenthal.

    Bonus block of Splendid Sampler

    And the bonus block designed by Pat Sloan.

  • Complete one log cabin heart block√  I added one more to the growing pile of blocks.
  • Sew couple of sashings onto centre of I Love Home block #3
  • Complete this weeks Grandma’s Kitchen block√ I don’t remember my grandmother’s plates but I do know that my own mother loved china. When she was growing up in the 1930’s in a small back country place she used to visit a tip and pick out pieces of broken pretty china.  When she married over the years she gathered some beautiful China, she left behind her much to be shared out between her daughters and grand-daughters.Lovely Dishes blockI really like this block and would like a whole quilt of it… but I found my piecing was off on this one so would need to slow down and see if I can do better! Anyways!

Plan for Week 4 of November

  • Three more blocks for the Splendid Sampler
  • Complete the I Love Home block
  • Sew up Block #21 of Grandma’s Kitchen
  • One Log Cabin Heart block
  • Possibly sew on final sashing of the I Love Dirt quilt.


Stitch ALL The Things

Into the Third Week in November!

What I Planned for Week 2 in November

  • Add inner border to the “I Love Dirt” quilt top√  Boy's Quilt top
  • Sew 3 more Splendid Sampler six inch blocks  Block 68 of Splendid SamplerThis required sewing curves, which I haven’t done very much of, I did do a lemon block in the Splendid Sampler last year which didn’t quite meet up so getting better! Doing is the key I guess.Block 92 of Splendid SamplerDouble Bees was  piecing and appliqueBlock 60 of Splendid SamplerHearts and Flowers as you can see is embroidery.  I think I am past the 50 blocks on my way to 100!
  • Make the Grandma’s Kitchen block released this week.Block 19 of Grandma's KitchenI actually don’t remember my grandmother sewing, but my mother certainly did and she made many if not most of our clothes in the early days. She let me use her sewing machine but I never took classes at school and was always a bit impatient. I did make a few things under her tuition. The only things I can sew really are quilts!
  • Start on block 4 of the “I Love Home” BOM. Will be released tomorrow. This is my favourite quilt along this year. √  Inner applique part done.
  • Make some Country Fair blocks – maybe the final three. √ Completed them all now and they are sewn into lines so far.  I have now started on using my 2 inch scraps to make a quilt top, I found a pattern I liked online.
  • Make a Log Cabin Heart block  

Plan for Week 3 of November

  • Complete 3 more blocks in the Splendid Sampler
  • Complete on log cabin heart block
  • Sew couple of sashings onto centre of I Love Home block #3
  • Complete this weeks Grandma’s Kitchen block


Stitch ALL The Things

First Week in November Achievements

Plan for the first week in November!

  • Make at least one log cabin heart block.   Yes – one made. I now have six blocks.Group of Log Cabin Heart blocks
  • Make a couple of Splendid sampler blocks.Block 83 of Splendid SamplerThis is titled Minnesota Maze and was designed by Roseann Kermes. It is Block 83 of Splendid Sampler.Block 81 of Splendid SamplerThis is titled With Love From and is number 81 of the Splendid Sampler. Designed by Cat DeMack.  The xoxo is foundation piecing.Block 97 of Splendid SamplerThis is titled A Girl’s First Purse and is Block 97 of the Splendid Sampler. Designed by Di Mill. I still have to buy the right buttons to put on it, something darker.
  • The Grandma’s Kitchen block for this week.Block 18 of Grandma's KitchenBlock 18 of Grandma’s Kitchen titled The Fridge. I do remember a big old fridge at one of my nana’s house. It rumbled away at night and as I had a bed off the kitchen when I stayed I found it a very comforting sound.
  • Couple of Country Fair blocksScrappy blockI completed three of these blocks. I have only three more blocks to make in this and I will have a quilt top. That’s good because my 2 1/2 ” scraps in these colours are almost used up, which is the point really.
  • Cut sashings, borders and binding strips for the I Love Dirt quilt.  – Yes done.

Plan for Week 2 in November

  • Add inner border to the “I Love Dirt” quilt top
  • Sew 3 more Splendid Sampler six inch blocks
  • Make the Grandma’s Kitchen block released this week.
  • Start on block 4 of the “I Love Home” BOM. Will be released tomorrow. This is my favourite quilt along this year.
  • Make some Country Fair blocks – maybe the final three.
  • Make a Log Cabin Heart block
Stitch ALL The Things

November One Month Goal

One Month Goal

I am again joining in with Elm Street Quilts for the November One Monthly Goal

I have thought a little about this and I’ve looked around at all the WIP. Some I will just naturally work on. I love just changing over to another project when I tire of one, until I come back fresh to it a few weeks later.

I’ve looked at my Splendid Sampler blocks and counting I have 46 completed. I’d really like to add to these 6 inch blocks so my goal for this month is to…

Complete 14 more of these blocks. That will bring me up to 60 completed blocks by the end of November – so that is my November goal. Six of the ones I have already completed and 14 completely new ones coming up!

Quilt blocks

Looking back and looking forward.

Last Weeks List.

  • Cut out and place the other four blocks of the I love Dirt quilt blocks so that I have them all ready to sew around.√   Yes all done except for a few wheels and a strip – I ran out of Vliesofix so need to buy some to finish off.  Pile of I Love Dirt blocks
  • The new Grandma’s Kitchen block  No. I didn’t like it so am not doing it.
  • Two blocks from the Splendid Sampler √  61/2 inch blocks  This one is called Centred and is Block #100 in the first quilt along.Block 100 Splendid SamplerThis one is Friends Around the Square and is # 8
    Block 8 of Splendid Sampler
    The two above are last weeks blocks that I didn’t post                                        Hand in Hand – is one of this weeksSplendid Sampler block

As is Happy ThoughtsSplendid Sampler block

  • A few Country Fair blocks –  The rule is….’only scraps’! I am using the pattern of Country Fair on Craftsy  – but will make it smaller no doubt. These blocks are 101/2″ before placing in the quilt.So during the week the plan is to add to this first block.   I now have 10 of these blocks.They are relaxing and fun to make, I really enjoy it.First block

Plan List for 17th October week.

I have a busy week ahead of me this week so I am not putting much into the list.

  • Do some blanket stitching around the I Love Dirt quilt blocks.
  • Sew together the I Love Home block #3
  • If I have time – some more Country Fair blocks and maybe a Splendid Sampler block or two.
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Splendid Sampler Recent Blocks

This past week I managed to catch up on some of the assigned Splendid Sampler blocks which made me very happy!  These are 61/2″ blocks and will finish at 6 inches.

Jen Kingwell’s “Happy Happy” block

Block 4 of Splendid Sampler

Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s “Full Circle Star”

Splendid Sampler Block 72

Kim Christopherson’s “Cute as a Cupcake”

Splendid Sampler block

Amy Ellis’ “Simple Surprises”

Splendid Sampler Block 30

Pat Sloan’s “Wild Rose”

Splendid Sampler Block 68

Kerry Green’s “First Stitch”

Splendid Sampler Block 71

Monday Post

I have been working with small step goals to complete blocks for quilts I want to make. This week I completed three blocks in the Bloom Sew Along which means I have eight of the sixteen I intend doing.

Flower quilt block Large flower quilt block Yellow flower quilt block

I also completed the 10″ block from the Grandma’s Kitchen QAL with Pat Sloan. This week it was a focus on wash day.  As a young child I remember Nana T’s wash day. (Early 1950’s)  It was in the wash house area just off the kitchen.  She had a copper out there, a fire was lit underneath and the water boiled. Then the clothes – sheets are what I remember – were swished around with a large wooden stick. They were then lifted via the large wooden stick and put through a hand wringer into a tub of cold water. Rinsed around and put through the hand wringer again and then hung out on the long line at the back of the house.

What a lot of work! I am so pleased to have been there and seen this. It is something that has always stuck in my mind, the smell of the copper and the work. So easy now to dump the washing in the machine and walk away. The only thing in common is that I still hang the clothes on the line.

Wash Day quilt block

The Splendid Sampler block – 61/2 ” – for the past week was called Lina’s Gift.  Block 18 and on Page 7 of the book.

Block 18 of the Splendid sampler


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