Quilts To Make

Wish list of things I’d like to make…. in no particular order!

I find quilting is a little like reading, I have plenty to read but I see more books I want to read and it is the same with quilting. So I am keeping a list of things I want to do as I think of them to keep them to the forefront of my mind… as I work on other things.

  • a quilted bag (s) 
  • a small quilt based on the book Story Quilts by Yukari Takahara
  • some gift mug rugs
  • A Sunbonnet Sue quilt 
  • A bookshelf quilt 
  • A small quilt that I hand quilt – have to learn though to hand quilt first!
  • Cat appliqué quilt that I have the pattern for.
  • A fun log cabin quilt 
  • A QAYG as taught by Marti Michell 
  • I Love Dirt quilt – I have the kit! 
  • A heart log cabin quilt – scrappy 
  • Wall quilt to cover door not used
  • Quilt for BIL to do with surfing and beach
  • Complete another mother memory quilt