And Another Sew Along Sighted!


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Last weeks plans

  • Continue to work on Chilhowie Bonnie Hunter mystery on the sashing.  I put the sashing in and sewed the main part of the top together. Now I have two rows of borders to do which involves doing some piecing. I have put it away for a little while to have a rest from it.
  • Next Sewcialites block   Done. In three of the fabrics I am working with for three different quilts.  Two 6 inch finished and one 3 inch blocks finished.
  • Finish backing for 12″ blocks A Quilting Life BOM 2022 Done and I got it sandwiched and ready to quilt. Backing
  • Whatever takes my eye!  Well you all know how our eyes can rove! I got hooked by Corey Yoders sew along for a double Irish Chain quilt. They are 18 inch blocks and it appealed to me because it uses scraps! I was just ready for her video on piecing the block A so it was great.

I also washed three quilts which felt good.

Week of 17th of January.

  • Quilt my BOM A Quilting Life 2022 – just a bit every day, mostly going to do stitch in the ditch and something in borders.
  • Make sewcialites blocks when they are published.
  • Make BOM Mystery quilt from FQS block that arrived last, about six or seven I think
  • Whatever takes my fancy.

Magnolia Quilt Finish


Linking up with Quilt Schmilt

To Do Tuesday #2 2023


For the Week 3rd January

  • continue to work on the Chilhowie Bonnie Hunter blocks. The final clue came out last Friday and it finishes off the quilt. It has quite a few steps in it so now I will go slow as I finish, at the moment I am doing the sashing between the blocks which involves some quarter square triangles so will take a little while.
  • The next Sewcialites block later in the week.  Done. I just did it in the main colours and the other blue/yellow and the 3 inch one I am leaving out this week. This is block 10 designed by Lori Holt.Sewcialites 10.
  • Complete doing the hand binding on my Magnolia quilt.  Finally done. I used Riley Blake Anne of Green Gables fabric and the pattern is by Chelsi Sttratton.  I made it smaller than the pattern.Magnolia finish!

And a few other things that found there way in. I know many of you call them squirrels but we have no squirrels in my country so no name for them!!

I decided to do A Quilting Life BOM for 2023 even though I had decided I wouldn’t. But only doing the 6″ version and in boys fabric that can be turned into a boys quilt and uses up scraps of fabric left overs!6 Bom 23

I also took on moving my A Quilting Life BOM 2022 further along during January, towards the finish line. My 12″ top is done so I put my 6″ blocks together into a top and its the perfect size our NICU like so eventually I’l’ quilt it up for that.6 AQL 2022
I also started making a backing for the 12″ block one and that is almost finished.

Week of 10th January

  • Continue to work on Chilhowie Bonnie Hunter mystery on the sashing.
  • Next Sewcialites block 
  • Finish backing for 12″ A Quilting Life BOM 2022
  • Whatever takes my eye!

To Do #43


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I like sticking to three things! It makes me focus on the main things and if something else takes my eye, then it comes after what I set. I like making a list and a list of three is great.

To Do Plans for Week of Nov 1st were

  • Quilt the Riley Blake Challenge quilt each day or most days I worked on it six out of the seven days and made good progress. It will need more hours though.
  • Make the Block 3 Sewcialites blocks. I completed the two six inch blocks and the one three inch block. Here is one of the six inch blocks and the three inch. The one on the right is the three inch. It looks bigger because of the editing!


  • Make A Quilting Life BOM for November. That came out fairly early and I got on to it. Here is the 12 inch block and I also completed a six inch in different fabric. One more month to goBOM November

For the Week of the 8th of November

  • keep quilting the Riley Blake Challenge block. It may bring me near the end I think.
  • Make the block in the Designer Mystery block – Block 5 designed by Vanessa Goertzen this month.
  • Work on the Sewcialites next block – 4. In at least one of the fabrics I’m doing it in. I’ll be able to start that on Saturday, it comes out on Friday.

To Do Tuesday. #39


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

Plans for October 4th.  Main three were 

  • start thinking about how I might quilt the Edyta Sitar Mystery quilt and then hopefully begin. I did begin, still a long way to go. I couldn’t decide what to do and just going for an all over edge to edge swirl design. Quilting underway
  • quilt a small table runner after tacking some batting pieces together for it. I do have it tacked but will wait till I have quilted the above.
  • I think the A Quilting Life BOM should be out later this week so I might get that cut out and started. I am doing a 12″ and 6″ size. I did do this, and as well in the 6″ size that I am doing and in the scrap one in the foregroundOctober block

    Plan for October 11th Week. – Main Three

  • I am doing the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM and it has a setting that I am doing as well. Although as I don’t want an 80″ square quilt I am adapting the setting and so am making a log cabin block and changing size. Involves Maths! So I want to get at least one or two of the log cabins made and attached to the first block.
  • Continue quilting the Edyta Sitar mystery quilt – might get it finished.
  • Work on making a scrappy backing out of left over fabric for my Riley Blake Challenge quilt top.

To Do #25


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

To Do  Plans for week of 14th June

  • Machine sew binding on Scrappy Crossroads quilt and start hand sewing it to the back. Done.  Sorry for the dark photo, winter day photography!Scrappy Crossroads finish 
  • Pin and start quilting my Rustic Charm quilt. All pinned and started to quilt around the wonky stars. My quilting is not the best around them, rather uneven, I am just calling it wonky quilting!
  • Serendipity choices. If time! I have two more “orders” for cushions, one from Miss 6 and one from Mr. 8, once they saw their cousins one they wanted one too! Finished Miss 6 and Mr 8 cushions. (We call them cushions, I think the USA would call them pillows.) They had done the art on fabric and then I turned them into cushions for them. Scarlett made a mistake in the name so without shame crossed out the letter and kept going!  The cushions are 16″ and I put a zip in at the back, I like to use Sherri’s tutorial from A Quilting life on You Tube for this. 
  • I also took the opportunity this week to make the June BOM that I am doing through A  Quilting Life. I am doing both the 12″ and 6″ blocks. June BOM

Week of 21st June Plan

  • Continue to quilt Rustic Charm quilt. Hope to get all stars done and then do next step.
  • Spend the week looking at some of the projects I’ve cast aside and see what I can do with them. Take them another step or more. I really have a lot, I keep getting side tracked by new projects.  No new projects this week. No serendipity – just eyes on the “cast asides”.

To Do Tuesday #22


Linking Up with Texas Quilt Gal

So for the Week of the 24th of May.

  • I intend to make some Rustic Charm blocks.  I made a few and now have 7 more to go.
  • Make my May BOM I am doing from A Quilting Life.

    I made the 12 inch and the 6 inch as I am doing both.  I then got side tracked and decided I could use up some half square triangles sitting in a box that were cut offs so started to turn them into 12 inch blocks too!  Will be scrappy but with the churn dash colour uniting them I hope.

  • Will look at Riley Blake Challenge layout of blocks and just contemplate it. Not rushing into putting it together all at once.  I pondered on this one and decided to not make a 17th block but to omit one and use it on the back for a label. Then I used the setting suggested by Riley Bake Challenge but not putting their full ideas into practice. I want to keep it smaller.  Layout for RBC 

Plans for May 31st week

  • Continue making Rustic Charm blocks.
  • Add some blocks to the Riley Blake layout.
  • Serendiptiy. – I decided one plan to take me wherever I feel like picking up.

To Do Tuesday #7 2022


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

Week of 8th February.

  • Complete some stitch in ditch on the Checker Boards Star top.  Done
  • Sweet Dreams Block 6 QAL #6 Sweet Dreams
  • Riley Blake Challenge block 5 DoneF6136A97-66E2-4E9F-BE64-ADE9DDD6515A
  •  BOM February block from A Quilting Life.Feb BOM '22jpg
  • Possibles are another Magnolia block, and of course continuing with the leaders and enders Rustic Charm project. Made one Magnolia block and almost a Rustic Charm block.

Week of 15th February.

  • Continue to quilt Crossroad Stars quilt. To do around the stars and sashing in between in the interior. Using a straight line ruler for most of it. Do some feathers around first border.
  • Sweet Dreams #7 block
  • Riley Blake Challenge block #6
  • Make another Magnolia block
  • Continue with leaders and enders Rustic Charm blocks.

To Do Tuesday. 2022 #2


Linking up with Texas Quilt Girl.

Last week my plans were

1. Continue with quilting the Queen Log Cabin quilt I am making for my bed. A little most days will move it along.  Continued with most days. Quilting on it is not the best, if I ever do a quilt this big again I need to look at splitting it, most likely the batting. My tension has been off and some skipped stitches – doesn’t like going backwards. I am just keeping going. I hope my eye doesn’t notice it too much when its on the bed.
2. Sew some blocks for the Nine Patch Square Dance top I’ve started. Using left overs from the Sewcialites quilt with the Fat Quarter Shop  I made last year.  Pattern by Sherri McConnell.
I have a good few of the colours done. Just now have the grey to do.Nine patch square blocks
3. Pick out fabric and cut first BOM block from at A Quilting Life. Yes I am on a Sherri McConnell binge! I love their podcast and am even going to use her planner this year.
Completed the 12 inch block and then decided to one in the 6 inch as well. Didn’t take a photo of the 6 inch yet. So now to wait till February for the next block!
BOM '22 Block 1
4. Tidy some shelves in my sewing room.
Two only done. But its a start. Oh, they are very small shelves!

This Week starting 11th January.

  1. Keep quilting the Queen log cabin. I think I must almost have done all the straight lines and can go back and finish the feathers. There is still quite a few places for those but will see how I go. 
  2. Sew the second #RileyBlakeChallenge block. Yes I got caught into another quilt along or two! Here is my first one.Riley Blake 1
  3. Sew the second block in Pat Sloan’s Sweet Dreams Quilt Along.  This is my first one.Sweet dreams 1
  4. Sew all grey blocks for the Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt
  5. Clean up a couple of more shelves or baskets.

At the moment I am reading and loving this book. It is really keeping me riveted. Have you read it?  I am doing a reading challenge on Facebook with Emilie Richards and this month calls for a memoir. Perfect!

How to Stitch an American Dream