July finish for One Month Goal

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I had one main goal for July which was to sandwich and quilt my Garden Charm quilt designed by Lynette Jensen, that I had been making from a Craftsy Class.  I am happy to say I have completed it and gifted it to my sister, to keep her cosy on the couch at night.

  1. After pressing it I sandwiched and basted. The backing is a cuddle fleece – blue with white stars. The batting is wool.Sandwiching the Garden Charm quilt
  2. Then the long, tedious stitching in the ditch began. I started from the outside and worked my way in. I was happy to meet no problems. Once I had all the main lines completed, I then went around the applique and most of the piecing. Finally the parts that had no piecing and lastly I basted the very edge. All pins out. I love taking that final pin out.Starting on the edge
  3. Next on went the binding. I find a lint roller is perfect for holding the binding and rolls off nicely.Sewing binding on quilt
  4. Then I hand sewed it on to the back, looked out the window and decided I had a fine day where I could wash it and most likely get it dry, so I did.  And then a little time in front of the fire and airing cupboard and I was happy with it.Quilt drying on line
  5. What it looked like when finished, it measured about 58 inches across and 66 inches long approx. The pattern was bigger but I only wanted something for a lap quilt.
  6. And it was delivered.Completed quilt - Garden Charm




Quilting done on Garden Charm Quilt

This week has been a week of stitching in the ditch on my Craftsy 2016 Garden Charm Quilt, designed and taught by Lynette Jensen. I didn’t make the full quilt as it would have been too big for what I want it for. The added bonus of that is that I have a little fabric to add to my stash for future quilts. However the full quilt is beautfiful and that can be seen in some of the quilts made with the Garden Charm Pattern
Today Friday I finished the last stitches, and took the last pin out.  Always a very satisfying moment.   I tidied up the edges – with cuddle fleece always a very messy time. Now it is all folded and next week I’ll do the binding and I will have completed my July monthly goal.
Finished quilting
Garden Charm quilt
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To-Do Tuesday July 11th

Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!
Last Week.


  • Complete the top of the 182 Solstice pattern top and once the fabric arrives start the next quilt along Grandma’s Kitchen and decide whether to go for white or cream background. Hoping it will come in the next week.     Done.
  • Start the quilting of a Craftsy class quilt – 2016 Block of Month – at least pin baste it together, ready for stitch in the ditch.    Done
  • Do the embroidery on block of Splendid Sampler   Not Done
  • Once embroidery block is finished start the Sew South Splendid Sampler block which has hexagons, so will be hand sewing. Not Done but started.


  • Read The Dress in the Window by Sofia Grant and review.  Done


  • Complete 50 000 steps for the week.    Done   59 000


  • Clean some windows!    Some progress.
  • Visit joinery factory and discuss possibility of bookshelves/cupboards/TV combination thing. I am hesitant because of space but I so need shelves and don’t know where else to put them but in lounge/sitting room.    Sadly no.

July 11th Week


  • Continue with stitching in the ditch on Craftsy Garden Charm quilt 2016, ideally would like to get this part finished by next Tuesday.  Start of stitch in the ditch
  • Sew block 2 and maybe 3 of Grandma’s Kitchen sew along. Block 1 is completedBlock 1 of Grandma's Kitchen
  • Sew some embroidery stitches on embroidery splendid sampler block and maybe do a few more hexagons for another block in it.


  • Read 2 books at least and listen to The Stars are Fire by Anita Shreve as I stitch in the ditch.  (Borrowed on CD from the Library).


  • 50000 steps in the week.


Well can see and do know really housework not a high priority and I am nervous about this book case I kind of want but just not sure that it will be too over powering in a smallish room but on the other hand I have little storage space and need some! So putting these two goals back in again for this week.

  • Clean some more windows
  • Visit joiners to discuss book case/cupboards/TV thing.


Mid Year look at Quilts in Progress.

I seem to start a lot of quilts, although I suspect that is what quite a number of quilters do! In this post I am not at this point looking back at what I have completed this year, but rather what I am working on and plans for furthering them along.


  1. Splendid Sampler – I aim to make 100 6 inch blocks, so that I can then piece them together and make a bed size quilt for the winter with a woollen batting. This will not be completed until next year – maybe mid 2018.Blocks for Splendid Sampler
  2.  Bloom Quilt from the Bloom Sew Along at Bee in my Bonnet. Obviously I am not doing it when it was first shared, but in my own time. I am working on the fourth block at present. I will give this away when I finally finish!3 Flowers blocks
  3. The 182 Solstice sew along with Pat Sloan which is now finished but as it was ending, on a whim I decided to start sewing it! I have three more blocks to do, plus the sashing and various fillers. I hope to finish this by the end of the year. Its for myself! It was meant to be bigger but I have downsized the blocks to 75% because I only wanted throw size.182 Solstice Challenge blocks
  4. Scrappy Quilt of Log Cabin and sixteen patches. I made this with left over fabric from a quilt I made a young relative. I think I will finish the quilting side of this by October so that it can be used at a fund raising event at a local school, where the children fund raise for Mission work. I think it is about 40 ” by 50″ from memory.Scrappy quilt top
  5. Craftsy 2016 block of month quilt   I bought the kit for this and have been piecing it, way behind of course, but it doesn’t really matter. I intend giving it to one of my sisters for a belated significant birthday. I haven’t made it as big as the pattern because again I don’t want a quilt that big. My next task is to quilt it. The backing just arrived today, I have chosen a minky fabric. Er… White! Not sure that is such a good choice!2016 Block of Month Quilt - Craftsy
  6. Anne of Green Gables Quilt.  I am making this for a young family member, think she is ten. I have finished the top. Now just waiting for the backing to arrive and then will quilt it and present. Hopefully in the next month or two.Pink quilt top
  7. Almost forgot the Leah Day Free Motion Block Party that I am doing. Think I have done five blocks and haven’t done June yet. Might be awhile with the other things on the go!Block Party 2017 Machine Block Party blocksThere just isn’t enough hours in the day! I will begin blocks for one more quilt along Grandma’s Kitchen Sew Along with Pat Sloan, the fabric is on its way, block one is already out, but I can catch up. Ahem!!