Joining Up the Splendid Sampler OMG April


Joining up with Elm Street Quilts

  • This month my goal is to quilt the final piece of my quilt. This is the largest section – it goes diagonally across the middle of the quilt.
  • Join each section together – at this point two sections are joined and I have two more to do this to as well. As it involves the largest section – might be a bit of a mission.
  • Place it on top of the bed I want it to go on and see what I want to add to it in terms of borders.
  • Add the two side borders using the method “stitch and flip”.  Which means sewing on the border material to the quilt – the backing and batting are in place already. A step I have never done before so we’ll see how I go.
  • Decide what I will do about a bottom border. Probably no top border.

Joining two pieces of the quilt

The two pieces that are joined!

Icing on the Cake  Quilt

This would be getting the binding sewn on. But not making it a “must” for this month’s goal.


Solstice Quilt Top Finish

I finally finished this week my Solstice Challenge QAL top, from Pat Sloan’s blog. Well I started it after the QAL was finishing, but on a whim thought I’d do it. The photo hasn’t really picked out the colours well but they are fun ones that I love so I will be keeping this one, once I quilt it.  It was a large 86″ square quilt and as I didn’t want one that big I made it 75% of that, so some maths involved but it all worked out and went together! Its about 64″ square which is still sizeable.
Before it was finished.
182 Solstice Challenge blocks
182 Day Solstice Challenge Quilt
The fact it is an asymmetrical pattern was a little challenging for me as I like things symmetrical but it’s good to do something that pushes my buttons!
This closeup shows the  colours a little more. I’ll be putting it aside now as I have a couple of other tops that I want to work on sandwiching and quilting.  And I am joining in with the next Pat Sloan QAL – Grandma’s Kitchen. This time starting more or less from the start, although I have to catch up on the first two blocks.
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Hearts Aflutter -Splendid Sampler Sew Along 11 2017

The second Splendid Sampler Sew Along has started and this time I am in for at least 100 blocks – a large quilt I intend making for my bed.  I have already made a few but the first official one is Hearts Aflutter designed by Pat Sloan.

Splendid Samper Hearts Aflutter

I have used Janet Clare’s Wordsmith fabric, plus a little of the Lady Edith Downton Abbey peach in the corners and in the centre some Kate Greenaway – Victorian Children fabric.

The Churn Dash

This is a six inch Churn Dash block that is a bonus block for the Splendid Sampler. As I love the churn dash block I decided to include it and while making it to incorporate a dark green from the Thyme for Friends fabric line.

Six inch churn dash block

I think I have now finalised my colours for the making of the Splendid Sampler quilt 2017 and it is mainly The Wordsmith line by Janet Clare

The Wordsmith fabric colour range

The dark green from the Thyme for Friends fabric collection: Botanical Herbs

Thyme with Friends green botanical


and the Downton Abbey Lady Edith fabric: Swirl


As well I love the Kate Greenaway fabric and will cut bits and pieces from it as appropriate.

Victorian Children

I hunted around for a couple of colours that I just couldn’t get or would cost too much so decided to use what I already have, plus I love the colours. Janet Clare’s fabric range would have been enough by itself and very classy, however I like a little whimsy and a little more just will gladden my heart.