September To Do


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

Plans for Week of 30th of August were

  • Machine sew on binding for Scrappy Round the World quilt. Done.Scrappy RTW binding 
  • Hand stitch the binding on the Log Cabin. Done.Log Cabin doneJPG 
  • Sew some blocks together of a project I am working on – Magnolia, a pattern by Chelsi Stratton.  Done. Sashing Magnolia

Main Three for September 6th

  • Border onto the Magnolia top, which is a 3 inch plain one.
  • Hand sew down the Scrappy Round the World
  • Pin another top ready for quilting.

To Do Tuesday 2022 #3


Linking up with Texas Gal Quilts

I am enjoying the sunshine here in New Zealand and sewing away because it brings me great satisfaction. Being retired means I have time. Monday, the day I am writing this post, I have set aside for a bit of housework and planning for the coming week in sewing and reading.

Goals last week were:

  1. Keep quilting log cabin Queen quilt and finish all the feather parts.DoneHouse of log cabin
  2. Complete block 2 of Riley Blake Designs Challenge. Done


  3. Complete block 2 of Sweet Dreams QALSweet Dreams 2
  4. Sew all grey blocks for Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt. Done. So all blocks now finished.

Goals for week of 18th of January week.

  • Quilt the nine log cabins on my Queen quilt.
  • Complete Block 3 of Riley Blake Challenge
  • Complete Block 3 of Sweet Dreams QAL.
  • Make a block or two for Magnolia Quilt I have started by one block! Chelsi Stratton design.
  • Start sashing the Nine Patch Square Dance blocks.
  • Go through a couple of baskets of scraps and separate into what I will use and what I will pass on to somebody who might be able to use them for small handmade projects she does.
  • I’ve also started a leaders and enders project – until of course I have all the sum of its parts and then it becomes its own project. This week I will be making wonky star blocks as I go. I saw this pattern in an old magazine and have been wanting to make something like it.  I will be making it smaller because I don’t want a 90″ long quilt but will see how the pattern looks as I build it. Possibly 60 by 70.  American and Patchwork Magazine No. 159Rustic Charm

Log Cabin Cat Quilt


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

For March I have a quilt top I want to quilt and bind for a birthday in April.

When I first started this quilt, Miss A loved purple but toward the end of 2020 she was in love with blue. Oh well, I thought I’ll just keep on with the purple. But then a couple of weeks ago it came to me that I could put the purple log cabin blocks away and make blue ones instead, so I did that.

I have been working on the appliqué during 2020, its meant to be needle turn but I am not into that. I have the books by Carol Armstrong which are gorgeous but a lot of work. So I adapted into machine appliqué.

Here it is on the wall before I sewed the blocks together. I have done that now and it awaits being sandwiched and quilted.

log cabin blocks

September Look Back

I made three bags – my one month goal, and I was very happy with them. One of my goals ticked off this year to try bags. So all set for shopping.

I completed the top of a log cabin/cat quilt I was doing for fun. I did leave out a row along the perpendicular as I didn’t want it to be too big. This photo was taken when it wasn’t quite finished, but it is ready for quilting some time in the future.  I love log cabins so I was just playing with that and then added the cats from a couple of patterns I have. I need to make one in purple colours for a great niece at some point.

Cat Log Cabin Top

I also made a very quick ahem – quilt for a cat! It is just 36″ square and hopefully will keep the cat off the book quilt I made my friend. Actually this size makes a very nice little knee quilt I do believe as I discovered while binding. I was going to give the cat an old little quilt I made when I first started but then I realised my friend could hardly put that out on her couch.  I used a block from Pat Sloan’s pattern of her Solstice quilt.

I backed this with thick fleece. While I was sewing around the edge my concentration slipped and before I could understand what happened, I looked down and the needle had broken and yes it was right through my finger. I had heard it could happen but didn’t think it was possible. Oh yes it is!  It didn’t really hurt but it did entail going to the Dr to get it out.

damaged finger

I also worked on piecing a quilt pattern that I won on the OMG at Elm Street quilts – the pattern Fraulein by Amy Smart. It is still sitting on the wall like this and I just need to finish piecing and add a border.  I also won the layer cake I am using on Instagram, and even though I had to pay the postage from the USA it was still worth it. A layer cake here costs about $89. I paid $40 NZ postage or $25 US and I still call that a good win! And our dollar has weakened since then!!

quilt top

So looking forward to October. I have decided I need to finish one quilt a month in terms of quilting as I am accumulating too many tops. So my one month goal will be for one that has been sitting there for most likely about two years.

Hearts Quilt Progress


I am joining in with Elm Street Quilts one month goal for January.

My goal was to add the final sashing to my log cabin hearts quilt and baste the layers together and stitch in the ditch along the main sashing lines – which I have done.  Just as well I did this early in the month, as I was asked to make a very large quilt by one of my sisters.

I did what I set out to do, and then had to set it aside but it feels good that I have advanced its cause!


And the back of it.