March Quilting Progress

Well for once I didn’t complete my one month goal for a start!  I did do some of it but a health issue plus another project meant I didn’t get it totally accomplished. Another time.

What I did!

Hearts for Christchurch

Quilters all around the world are making these blocks – I sent my four off but many are gathering together to make full quilts. However we send them off to central places and all the blocks that arrive will be pieced into quilts.  Green is an important colour for Muslims – signifying peace I think, so for all the victims’ families and those wounded green heart quilts are being made.

green heart quilt blocks

Coloured hearts are being made for first responders; police, ambulance, hospital. So I thought of the log cabin heart quilt I had pieced and started to quilt. So I worked on finishing the quilting and next I was going to put in the little square areas above the hearts words like peace, hope, kia kaha (be strong) aroha (love) etc. But I decided finishing was better so going to bind it and post if off.

Log cabin heart quilt

My mother’s memorial quilt

Which was my goal, to finish off the applique in the wedding ring section and make two more blocks.  I did do the applique and  finished one of the two blocks.


This one has names of her children embroidered on, hard to see but when you are up close they are discernible!

quilt block

Bookcase Quilt

Earlier in the month I did some more quilting on my bookcase quilt, and so far I’m happy to have got a good way along. I like to stop and let it gel for awhile about what I’ll do next!

quilt block

teapot quilt block



Marching On


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the March quilt goal.

I had a big quilting month last month working on the Sunshine Garden quilt, which I am now hand sewing down the binding on.

So something reasonably quiet for March! I have done enough quilting to last me for awhile – so just some piecing would be nice this month.

So I am going to pick up the second memory quilt I am making celebrating my mother’s life.  I have four and half blocks finished.

Quilt blocks

So goal for March

  •  complete left side of above block
  • complete two to three more blocks.

This was the first memory quilt that I completed so this one will be similar but will make a few changes.

Mary's Quilt one

Patchwork and Quilting – Always

There have been a few things finished and others started. I always seem to have a number of things on the go, so that I can pick up what I choose according to the way I feel.

I’ve been keeping up with the Splendid sampler 2 blocks, I still have to do the last one which is embroidery so I’ll catch up with that at some point.

I finished the first memory quilt about my mother. This was a kind of trial one before I put together one with a more streamlined fabric. However when finished I thought it was okay enough and gave it to my youngest sister – thirteen years younger. I am the oldest and she is the youngest. In many ways we had different experiences of my mother but still shared the love!

Mary's Quilt one

Here it is hanging on the line just after I washed it and it was nearly dry. I backed it with a minky kind of fabric so will make a cosy lap quilt I hope! So blocks I haven’t talked about:

  • the house with the heart – because she was an excellent homemaker and welcomed all to her home with love. My parents in later years always watched the birds and were delighted when they built their nests in the eaves and trees and they watched them hatch and fly away!
  • the houses stand for her neighbours, plus the friendship block for friends and the hand with the heart because she reached out to all those in need around her.

I have started the next one, I am making the center of the wedding ring blocks a little different at least for one!

quilt block


I have also started making blocks for this Scrappy Crossroads Quilt that I found on Lori Holt’s blog.  I love that it uses up scraps of 2 1/2″ squares. I love seeing all that fabric used up. The pink fabric I had to buy but it was very inexpensive.quilt block

I finished off this small scrappy quilt for a child using left over fabric from another quilt. Will donate it when I find out where to do that. It’s backed with pink minky so I guess for a girl!

Small child quilt

And this was my finish for September one month goal. I have found a small hole in a square which I am going to have to deal with, either quilting over it, hand sewing over it or doing a small bit of embroidery! Not sure which yet. I was so annoyed when I saw it.

Completed quilt

Not sure what I will do with it, maybe another donation quilt. I always feel a little odd about giving quilts. I am not sure if a person wants it or not! I was listening to Leah Day’s podcast and she said she is never there when the person gets it, because of the possible response. As quilter’s we’ve put our hearts and souls into it, but not everyone understands that.  I adore quilts, but I can’t have a house full of them!

Memory Quilt Continues

This block is a purse – pattern used from the Splendid Sampler and added on to. It symbolises excellent budgeting skills on the part of my mother. She managed money well.
Quilt block

My mother was a royal “fan” and had great interest in the Queen and many of the royals. So one of my sisters who is also a big royal fan suggested a “royal” block. So I did a shadow type head of the Queen within a crown quilt block – thanks to the Missouri Quilt tutorial.

Crown quilt block

My mother always dressed nicely and would always make sure she used lipstick etc. Her granddaughter Amanda said we should have a block that had pearls to show just what a lady she was. So I had a go at this block, I don’t like the layout that I did so with the next quilt I’ll do it differently but use the same elements. The Splendid sampler 1 again helped me out with this block!

dress block

My mother had fifteen grandchildren so I enlarged this heart from the Splendid Sampler 1 and embroidered in each of their names.

Heart quilt block

Once she had brought up her ten children my mother liked to travel. She and Dad travelled all around the South Island with my brother and his wife. But as well she loved flying and enjoyed going to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. As a number of our family hate flying they did not pick up her delight in flying.

Travel quilt block

In later years my mother and father always enjoyed a quiet brandy and ginger ale at the end of the day. So one of my brothers or his wife (not sure which ( they share a Facebook identity!) suggested brandy and glasses.

Quilt block

I have put the blocks all together now and am in the process of quilting it. I will then think about the changes I want to make and make the next one! I did do a large wedding ring block to put in it but for the next one I’ll chat to some of my sisters and see if one ring would be better.

Quilt block

I got the Sunbonnet Sue hat on the left a bit strange on this one but in the end I let it be. Next time! One of my sisters wanted an acknowledgement of my parents link to faith and church in her life so see a little cross and church there!!




Bottling, Sewing, Knitting and Making Sauce

My next block in my mother’s memory quilt depicts some of the things she worked well at, bottling peaches and pears for the winter, she did that especially in the ’50’s, ’60’s and maybe the ’70’s. My Dad grew tomatoes and in later years, probably the ’80’s onwards she made tomato sauce every year. If we didn’t live at home we often received the gift of one each season.

She sewed all out clothes when we were growing up, those were the days when the shops didn’t have oodles of clothing. I loved what she made me. I remember overalls and zip up pant suits she made me when I was young, and a gorgeous red coat and hat she made me when I was about ten.

She always had some knitting on the go too, we all learned to knit as well, and we too would have knitting on the go as well. As we grew up for some of the younger ones she went to the local school they were attending and taught knitting to some of the young students – ages about 7 to 8 yrs!

Quilt block

Tea and Buns

I am continuing on with the memory quilt for my mother.  I have been thinking at the end of making it I’d also like to put together a book with photos of blocks and other photos that relate to the blocks, plus information to go with it to sit alongside the quilt.  Anyways!

First block is a teapot and cup. Yes I’ve made this block before for another quilt and I love it! I guess because I learned to love tea in my home from my mother. I still brew up a pot with tea leaves quite a few times a day!

Pot of tea quilt block

When visitors came my mother always offered tea and something to eat. She took great care with that right up until she died in 2013. She loved fine china and many of us have a teapot somewhere that was once hers.  Gemma, her granddaughter said when they visited if she – Gemma made the tea, she was always anxious it wouldn’t be quite right!

She was a good and capable cook and while there were ten of us growing up plus herself and Dad we always had good nourishing meals. The recipe chosen is one for Sultana Buns that my mother made  out of her head, the written recipe long gone. We thought we had lost the recipe after she passed, but fortunately Pauline – one of my sisters had it. We were all so happy as they are such comfort food!

Sultana Buns.

Cream together 4 oz of butter and 4 oz of sugar. Add 2 eggs and 1tsp of vanilla essence. Add 9 oz flour with 1 tsp of baking powder to mixture and 2 cups of sultanas. (I think one is enough, two seems too many!)  Place teaspoons on tray and bake at 180 degrees C for ten minutes or until light brown and cooked.

Mary’s Memory Quilt

One of my goals for this year was to work out a memory quilt for my mother. She died in 2013. I have collected ideas from the family and I am making it to help us all keep in our memory all that she was and all that she contributed through ordinary everyday living.

So every Monday I hope to have a completed block to share. Its the day I have given over to concentrating on sewing for this quilt – as I do have other work on the go!

This week its looking at where her predecessors – where did they come from?  My mother’s father was William Conole and his family came from Co. Clare in Munster Ireland.  From Ireland he came to Australia and then on to New Zealand.

Her mother was Grace Bruning and her family came from Mechlenburg in North West Germany. They came to New Zealand and lived in the top of the South Island. My grandmother Grace came to the North Island and married my grandfather, they lived for a long time in Waikane and my mother grew up in this region.

I chose a shamrock to represent her Irish heritage and a hepatica flower for Mechlenburg. These will be 6 inch finished blocks. But there will be a few different sizes in the quilt.

Shamrock quilt block

Hepatica quilt block