Checkerboard & Stars Quilt Finish

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Pattern is by Joanna Figueroa, fabric All Hallows also designed by her. I did make it slightly smaller so mine ended up just over 60 Inches or so and the pattern is for 77 inches square.

My goal for February was to quilt my Checkerboards & Star Quilt and bind it.Top to be quilted

It turned into quite a whole month task, and today having finished it I washed it. I need to press it a bit yet, to be honest this one I preferred the unwashed look but  am sure it will relax out eventually.

Crossroads star Quilt

Back of Crossroads Star

Backing of quilt

Side of crossroa

Along side of quilt


I am not sure what will happen to this quilt, I’ll keep it for awhile, I love the colours and fabric. But I guess it may find a home in the future with someone in the family.



Finish Up Top #3 Memory Quilt

My goal for November.


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Sometimes when I look at all the projects I have going it is difficult to pick on one I want to see move right along in November. I have decided on …

  • completing the blocks in #3 Memory quilt I am making of my mother, I have two to make.
  • sew the blocks together
  • decide on a border and sew on.
  • sort out some backing and batting for the quilt

So by the end of the month I would like to have it all ready to pin together and to quilt it in December.

I am making this out of one of Edyta Sitar’s fabric collections – Perfect Union 

This quilt is intended for one of my nieces, the previous two I have given to two of my sisters. It is a way of honouring a life well lived and given for our family.

Blocks Memory Q#3

Quilt the Appalachian Autumn Quilt


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When I saw Bonnie Hunter’s pattern for this Autumn Quilt on Instagram I had to make one! I finished the top last year and now its the month to quilt it. I love it, however I am going to give it to my niece Sonia, who is like me and loves autumn colours.

This is a scrap quilt pattern but has a very together look I do believe. I just intend quilting it very simply. So my goal is to quilt and then bind it. I have already basted it ready to go.

App Autumn quilt top

Farm Girl Quilt Finish


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My goal was to baste and quilt and bind this quilt in time for one of my sister’s birthday on June 3rd. Today I finished it. As its one that will be for keeping warm under, I used wool batting and only lightly quilted it. I like quilts to be really soft.  I am rather happy with it. It’s like sending coals to Newcastle because she is a quilter too, but still couldn’t resist!

Farmer Bernie #2

Farmer Bernie Quilt 1

Here is her hubby building her a hen house so the hens aren’t free roaming all the time!

Hen house

Farm Girl Quilt to be Quilted


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My goal for May is to complete a quilt for one of my sisters whose birthday is June 3rd. She is amazing, has a small life style property with gardens, hens and a few sheep and a really fun cat. She loves to bake and she is the only other quilter in the family. We have different styles, I think I am more “straight and traditional” whereas she will branch out.

However I have put together a Lori Holt Farm Girl mix of Book 1 & 2 to depict some of her life. Oh she and her hubby are keen campers and like fishing via canoe when they are away. I had to leave the fishing out as I ran out of time! She likes to travel too until Covid hit and they had to cancel their latest trip to Italy I think it was.

Farm Girl top

I need to sew two bits of batting together and the backing needs a couple of bits of stitching. While I was getting around to this quilt I used some of the backing for another quilt and so it didn’t quite fit!!

I will quilt it simply, mostly in the ditch with a bit extra here and there. I want to keep it soft so she can use it out on their verandah or camping or …

March Cat Quilt Finish


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My goal this month was to finish the log cabin cat quilt I have been making and quilt and bind it. I am happy to say this was finished in good time and I even had a perfect sunny and windy day on which to wash and dry it. I have backed it with a blue minky fabric. So its all ready for an April birthday gift to Miss Eight Year Old.

Log cabin quilt

And a little bit of close up

section of cat quilt

Log Cabin Cat Quilt


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For March I have a quilt top I want to quilt and bind for a birthday in April.

When I first started this quilt, Miss A loved purple but toward the end of 2020 she was in love with blue. Oh well, I thought I’ll just keep on with the purple. But then a couple of weeks ago it came to me that I could put the purple log cabin blocks away and make blue ones instead, so I did that.

I have been working on the appliqué during 2020, its meant to be needle turn but I am not into that. I have the books by Carol Armstrong which are gorgeous but a lot of work. So I adapted into machine appliqué.

Here it is on the wall before I sewed the blocks together. I have done that now and it awaits being sandwiched and quilted.

log cabin blocks

Splendid Sampler 2 Completed

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My goal was to baste and quilt and bind my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt. I am happy to say I achieved that, and found myself falling in love with it again. This one is destined to be an extra for winter to keep me warm on my bed.

I washed the quilt – I always do, but was disappointed with the way some of the batting came through. I use wool batting but will be not buying this kind again, just as well it was used on one for myself.


And here it is all folded and ready to be used.