Sunshine Garden Quilt

For February I am working on the Sunshine Garden Quilt – a kit designed by Darlene Zimmerman, for my one month goal over at Elm St Quilts.  It is a quilt for one of my sisters. I am going to have to enlarge it a little to fit her bed, so will do that in the borders I hope.

Here are the blocks I was making in January

quilt blocks

I have since added the sashing and basted it together, with the help of my trusty fan!

And now I have started to quilt it.

Quilting process

I am using for the first time Marti Michell’s way of using encased seams to add the border later on as this would be too large to quilt on my Bernina home sewing machine. A little nervous about that – but nothing ventured, nothing gained. The piece I am quilting at present is about 57″ by 68″. Getting the middle quilted is easier this way.

So my goal for February is to take this as far as I can. Goal will be achieved if I advance further than I am now!

Steps I hope to get done, however quilting the middle will be good. Working on starting the borders will also be included in the goal, even if I get two sides placed on.

  • Quilt the middle
  • Add the side borders. (I still have some borders I need to piece as part of the enlarging.)



Hearts Quilt Progress


I am joining in with Elm Street Quilts one month goal for January.

My goal was to add the final sashing to my log cabin hearts quilt and baste the layers together and stitch in the ditch along the main sashing lines – which I have done.  Just as well I did this early in the month, as I was asked to make a very large quilt by one of my sisters.

I did what I set out to do, and then had to set it aside but it feels good that I have advanced its cause!


And the back of it.


Log Cabin Heart Quilt


Joining in with the One Month Goal at Elm St Quilts.

This month I am going to further one of my 2019 long term goals to finish some quilt tops.

For January I want to work on my Log Cabin Hearts top.  It’s a small lap size I think. Actually haven’t measured it!

Quilt top

  • I want to add some sashing to one side.
  • Prepare some backing fabric and link together some pieces of batting for the inner part. I have found three pieces I can put together for it.
  • Give the top a good iron and some tidy up of fraying threads.
  • Pin baste the three layers together.
  • Start some stitching in the ditch.



Keeping up with the Splendid Sampler 2 in December


My goal for December – to keep up with the Splendid Sampler 2 as the blocks are assigned.  Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the one month goal.

December 6th week blocks

four quilt blocks

December 13th Blocks

The one on the top right was the most challenging as it had EPP and hand applique – which aren’t my favourite ways, but I was happy I completed it reasonably well and felt I had learned something new.

4 quilt blocks Splendid Sampler 2

As it turns out after this there were bonus blocks that I won’t be doing as I need only 101 for the setting I am doing. I took the lull for the holidays allowance to make the sashing for some of the blocks already made so I am on track and goal accomplished.

December OMG – Keeping up with the Splendid Sampler 2


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for December.

My goal this month is to keep up with the Splendid Sampler 2 six inch blocks being released in December. Most weeks they are releasing four a week. So to complete whatever is assigned. Except maybe for the last week as they will only have just been given. So I guess about twelve blocks.

Starting with the ones that have just been released this week.  Splendid Sampler Sew Along December 6th

And this is my version of  First Aid designed by Jane Davidson and one of last weeks blocks.

quilt block


And Moving on with the Bookcase Quilt in November


I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for this November goal.

Ah what to do for my November goal, I am working on various things but what do I want to make sure I progress somewhat. I think its going to need to be my bookshelf quilt so it doesn’t languish there on the shelf!

Part of bookshelf quilt

My goal is to fmq on the names of authors on the two bottom rows. The two that I experimented with can be seen here on the top shelf, but on the bottom shelf I want to go back to my early reading years and then eventually come back to this top shelf which will be for authors I have come to love in the last ten years or so.

So …….. FMQ the names of authors on books on the two bottom rows which will equal about thirty six names.



Progress with Bookshelf Quilt


I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for my October goal.

My goal was to sew the shelves together, add the borders, baste and start some quilting on the quilt. The big thing was waiting for the cotton batting that I had ordered. It was quite a fiddly order plus when it arrived in the country it sat at the airport for a week most likely due to a long weekend holiday.

But anyway it arrived Friday 26th, which gave me some time to baste and start stitching in the ditch.  I have done the main stitching of that but then decided that I wanted to stitch in the ditch around each book which I have done. So I am very happy to have all that accomplished and my goal achieved.

Quilt being basted on table

Quilt being stitched in ditch

Stitching in progress

Now I am thinking about the fmq to be done. I have decided after watching Leah Day in a video on You Tube about thread painting words that I will “write” the names of authors I like on my quilt as a start to the fmq. It will take awhile but I am happy so that’s what counts!

Here are the two I have done after one practice there on the side of the quilt.

Part of bookshelf quilt

I plan on putting childhood favourites on the bottom shelf and then working my way up to the top where newer to me authors I have come to enjoy are. That’s where these two are! After that lots more fmq so I can see a November goal looming!

October Plan for Bookshelf Quilt


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the October goal

Okay here is October already. I am just going to make a small progress for one quilt.

Two shelves

I have two shelves put together. I’ll put the other two together, join them alland put on the two borders on.

I have some cotton batting ordered, if it arrives in time I’ll also sandwich and pin the quilt and begin some quilting. But that depends on the order arriving from the USA, it hasn’t left yet!