My Focus Quilt Goal for February

OMG 2022

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My goal for this month is to quilt this top and perhaps even at least also sew on the binding, leaving only the hand sewing to be done at the back of the binding. I have no idea how I will quilt it, but something simple!

The fabric is All Hallows Eve by Fig Tree as is the pattern, by Joanna Figueroa, Checkerboards and Stars. II made it somewhat smaller than the pattern but I think it will still make a nice lap size quilt.  It is a good 62 inches square.

Top to be quilted

So I need to give it a good press, cut the backing and batting to size and then pin it together. On Sunday I cut the batting and backing to size so all ready to pin!


Memory Quilt #3 Top Completed


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

My goal for November was to complete the top for my memory quilt #3 of my mother, destined for one of my nieces. 

I am pleased to say this is done and now I will need to sandwich and quilt it. 

#3 Mary top complete

#3 top of quilt wedding ring block

Wedding ring block with photos this time. First time trying this. Hoping it will wash well!

Washing line #3

Every day there was washing! A fire to be lit to heat the water. Then a washing machine with a wringer where the clothes had to be put through into a tub of cold water and then wrung again!

#3 great grandchildren

All the great grandchildren so far and one little heart for the first great great grand child.



September Goal


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

A couple of months ago I got carried away and took part in Edyta Sitar from Laundry Baskets 2021 Mystery Quilt.

I knew looking at her patterns that it would be cohesive and so I got involved. Using fabric I had in my stash. I haven’t gone the extra step and put on a border, although some of her borders are beautiful and I’d love her appliqué details to use, but just too expensive! So it still sits at about 60 inches which is fine for a throw quilt.

My goal this month is to

  • baste the quilt after piecing together four pieces of batting.
  • quilt – using a quick all over pattern, have to decide that yet
  • make a binding and bind the quilt.

2021 QAL

A section of the quilt – still to be pressed!! It’s been sitting in a drawer along with the backing that I put quite a few tops, the month I made it my goal to sort out backings for quilts.



Backings for Quilts


Linking Up with Elm Street Quilts

My goal was to take out all the quilt tops I have finished and to see if I had backings for them. If there were backings I was aiming to quilt some of them.

I know this seems like a lot of goals, but really only one! Face up to what’s lurking about and I am ignoring!

So what I did was I stopped working on any WIP. And… I refused (so far to start a new project, although I did buy a pattern and fabric for a future boy project.) Well I did keep going one WIP because it was a sew along. I have loved the Sewcialites sew along run by the Fat Quarter Shop.

I have to say first up, now that it’s nearing the end of June, I feel really good about what I did this month. Sort of boring sewing scrappy backings but it did soak up some odd scraps of fabric.

Five backings made, and the last top I have ordered some wide backing for it. Was happy to see I had saved fabric for the binding!

Some time ago, well last December, I pulled apart a top I had made from a Lori Holt pattern and the tops I’d made were in the cupboard too, but… I had organised backings as well, made from the blocks as well, so those I set about quilting as they were smaller tasks.  Repurposed Quilt Top.

I started with the small quilt destined to go to the neonatal hospital ward where those born early are cared for. I will need to make another couple before I send this one. They like them 29 inches by 35 inches. This one is pretty close. I also did the backing using one of the blocks.

Front and back of cushion. I had to make it size 20 inches as the shop didn’t have the 18 inch inner I would have gone for. The back gave me a little practise with a ruler! I always use A Quilting Live You Tube video when making a cushion and putting in the zip!

And finally I quilted a small table runner for an area I like to put one in and also quilted a couple of mug rugs.Mug rugs and runner

Facing up to UFOs.


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This month my goal is to empty the sewing room of tops that are lurking around that I have been just letting sit there. I have been feeling uncomfortable about them all while I blithely carry on taking on new projects.  So I will put aside mostly my works in progress and assess the UFO’s I’d forgotten – sort of.

When I say empty I mean

  • Take them out and look at them – see if I have a backing for it, if not make a backing for as many as I can. I think I have about 8 or 9.  I intend making the backing from what I have. Most of these are scrap quilts, so scrap backing. For example I have a pile of 5 inch squares and for one quilt I’ll use some of them.
  • Maybe quilt some of the smaller ones. None of the tops are big, the bigger ones would still be lap sized.  I am not including binding them in the goal.

Most of the tops – I think I have one or two more in bins.

UFO Tops 2

Borders on Splendid Samper 2

January banner

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My goal for January was to make and attach a border to the Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top. I had fallen out of love with it, however now that I have had a rest from it and now added the border I am happy again. This one will be one for me. Throw size or pull up from the end of the bed when it’s cold.

Section of quilt top


I put a narrow dark yellow border, then a border of pinwheels ( to use up my scraps) and then a lighter yellow border around the final border. I wanted to take some of the emphasis away from the lime green colour I’d used in the inner borders and I think it has made a difference. The green is what make me fall out of love.

Apart from this top, I have been sewing to finish all the tops I’ve started! As the fabric is slow coming into stores at present I guess that is a plus for me. Go do what I have already started!! I quilted one top and plan to quilt at least one top a month! I put in some blocks to another couple of quilts I am working on, so a profitable month.

Complete Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt Top

January banner

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

I have looked at what I need to finish – long list! I am so easily tempted to start every new project I see that I like. However I am going to pick up a top that I put away about a year ago because I’d fallen out of love with it. Now that its been out of my sight for awhile it doesn’t feel so bad.

So I have set about planning borders for my Splendid Sampler 2 quilt top made with Pepper & Flax fabric by Corey Yoder.  think it will have four borders. One of the borders will have four inch pinwheel blocks. I needed to go a bit scrappy to make use of what fabric I have left.

So my goal is to make and sew on the borders and also prepare the binding. I am thinking a narrow darker border then white then the pinwheels and then white again. We’ll see, it could change as I go.

I think it will end up about 70 inches square by the time I am finished.

Splendid sampler 2 top

A Horse Panel Quilt


Linking up with Elm Street Quilts.

My goal for September is to piece a panel quilt and then quilt it.

Quilt panel

This is my design wall as I choose fabric to go around it. I decided I would need to sacrifice my All Hallows 21/2″ squares for this. I think it might be going to have another lot in shops so fingers crossed on that because I love it.

My brother in law asked me to make a quilt for his sister who isn’t able to move around a lot. When asked what she liked, horses were mentioned. This was the only panel I could find online in NZ at the time. The horses are sort of very in your face! But anyway!

I’ll get a simple dimple brown minky fabric I think to put it on the back.