Milk and Cookies Quilt Block

Milk and Cookies is the #2 block released for the Splendid Sampler 2 Sew Along.  It is designed by Rebecca Bryan.

I sewed this twice! My first one was off and I had to work out why. It turns out I hadn’t cut the wedges accurately enough, and also they did better with an ordinary 1/4″ seam rather than a scant one.  While I was making the block the second time round I cut the background block a little bigger so that I could cut it back to the 61/2″ when I had finished the appliqué.

Quilt block

Above is my first attempt and I almost left it as it is, but decided I”d use this one in a mug rug at some point and went ahead and made a second one.

Centre of quilt block

I can now see the centre is much better and the middle part (the cookie) is going to fit on the plate well.

Comparing quilt blocks

And here the difference in the size of the plates can be seen. Now I will have enough room for a quarter inch seam when the blocks are joined and a little gap as the pattern intends.

Second attempt at quilt block

Completed second attempt at block.


Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt


I finished my Splendid Sampler Quilt and I have been tempted into the second version of this and the quilt along. I can’t resist these 6 inch finished blocks and I learned so much from the first one.

Quilt Block

I have chosen my fabric – Pepper and Flax by Corey Yoda for Moda.

Fabric by Moda

I have been tempted to add in either some purple or coral but I am holding back, I kind of want to see what it might be like with only the colours above.

At The Splendid Sampler website there will be one block a week until the book for the Splendid Sampler 2 is published.

The first block has been designed by Alex Veronelli, you can see his beautiful block and read about his work with Aurifil thread here.  This block is made in a really interesting way. Find the pattern here.


Quilt Market block

Time for A June Goal

Goal banner

I am linking up for June to Elm Street Quilts and aiming to shoot another goal!

I am always drawn to new projects, but then those projects pile up so I am aiming to do a good deal of quilting on a previous project from 2017, where I finished the top but then put it away. So June is the month to get most of the quilting done. I am not going to say all of it because there is quite a bit to be done and well… have to make room for new projects as well!  However I love the colours of this quilt and so I am motivated! I stitched together a backing as well from left over fabrics from this and other quilts as well.

The photo does not do it justice so when I photograph it next time I need to put it in better light, most likely outside!  This top is Summer Solstice – on of Pat Sloan’s quilt alongs.

182 Day Solstice Challenge Quilt

I just basted it together a couple of days ago so I am ready to go!

Basting of Quilt

Completion of December Goal

Goal banner

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts

My goal for December was to complete the top for the I Love Home Quilt top which was a quilt along with Jacquelynne Steves since the middle of the year. I enjoyed doing it.

The photos aren’t that clear, I have waited a number of days to go outside and take photos but it continues to be very windy so I have decided to just go for it. The quilt has a top and bottom border but not the sides which is part of the pattern. I think I would have preferred to have side floral borders as well but decided the quilt was large enough without them anyway.

Finished quilt top

Quilt top



Completed and To Complete

Week of 5th December

  • Start on the sashing of the #ILoveHome blocks Middle of #ILoveHome quilt
  • A Grandma’s Kitchen block or twoThat One Item
    I needed to think about what this block might represent as we had a choice. For one Nana I chose the memory of milk being delivered by a horse and cart and you left your billy out and they filled it. I remember it coming very early in the morning, I’d hear the clip clop of the horse, and it must have come in the afternoon too because I remember seeing it at the gate. This was early 1950’s and I would have been a pre-schooler.   For my other Nana it is the memory of travelling by train with her to my aunt and uncle’s farm and spending time there.  They had a dairy farm and again I was mostly a pre-schooler when we did that. My uncle who was two years older than me came too. I remember being pooed on by a cow which led to a scrubbing in the laundry tub before being allowed inside!So I guess that one item is milk!Pick a Posy block
    I don’t remember either of my grandmothers being gardeners. They didn’t need to be as their husbands were both fine gardeners. For Nana C what I do remember are hydrangeas growing around one of the properties they lived in. For Nana T her garden was full of roses and other flowers all grown by Pop.

I also sewed together row one and two of the Grandma’s Kitchen, I couldn’t decide what to do but eventually went with Pat Sloan’s layout. I also made a block to replace Small Change block which I didn’t like and meant nothing to me. So I did a teapot and cup because cups of hot tea (made with tea leaves) was something that both Grandmas did and I still do today!Grandma's Kitchen block


  • Find out how my niece would like me to put together the I Love Dirt quilt for the Australian weather √ I finally found a cool enough morning that I felt I could even discuss a quilt! We decided on the option of a wool batting with the cotton top and a cotton backing. I have ordered some fabric for backing, from Grandma’s Garden, covered in trucks! It isn’t wide enough so will just need to piece it a little. Backing for Quilt
  • A Splendid Sampler block or two.  No.

This is the patchwork bag I made – first ever. I had a few challenges and biggest was for closure. The magnets I used didn’t work and in the end I went for velcro spots.Patchwork bag

So what’s up for the coming week?

  • Complete at least another row or two of Grandma’s Kitchen
  • Complete the last two blocks for the above quilt along
  • Add another layer of sashing to the #ILoveHome Quilt


Stitch ALL The Things

To-Do Tuesday

Well as things happen life sometimes puts sewing and the usual round of things on the back burner so it turned out I wasn’t here for a couple of weeks. But now I am back. This was my last list.  So where am I up to?

To-Do for the week of the 5th of September

  • Sandwich and baste my Space quilt, possibly a little bit of stitching in the ditch. I am actually on the home run now with this. It is my one monthly goal to finish and all going well I’ll make it.Stitching in the Ditch
  • Start working on September block #2 of the #ILoveHomequilt  18 and 1/2″  block. I love this quilt along, I had started it and done the applique earlier in the month and yesterday I sewed it all together. I am loving this quilt along by Jacquelynne StevesHouse quilt block
  • Complete this week’s Grandma’s Kitchen block. Completed the 10 and 1/2″ Peppermint SwirlsNo 11. Block. Grandma's KitchenAnd Kitchen Door in the Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt along. 12 and 1/2″ blockBlock 12 Grandma's Kitchen
  • Complete a Splendid Sampler block  – no.
  • Some gardening – weather permitting – I did get a little done but when the weather is good I need to get out there!

To-Do for week of 26th September

  • Complete two Grandma’s Kitchen blocks
  • One or two Splendid Sampler blocks
  • Start on I Love Dirt quilt top
  • Some gardening, weather permitting.
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

To-Do Tuesday 29th August

Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Last Week’s List

  • Sew a nine patch block a day and then slice it in four, for the not so quick cornerstone quilt! I aim to have it fully pieced by the end of September. Well as it turns out I got all those blocks done and sliced!Quilt block ready for cornerstone quilt
  • Sew last weeks and this weeks Grandma’s Kitchen blocks. I got onto those and once started they didn’t take too long! Both Grandma’s wore aprons and I am thinking no wonder, because with the labour of washing who’d want to wash too many clothes in those days.Block 8 of Grandma's Kitchen quiltBlock 9 of Grandma's Kitchen quiltAnd this one is Grandma’s Kitchen window.
  • Sew this weeks Splendid Sampler block and start one of the embroidery ones that I haven’t done. I did two from the Splendid Sampler, not the one set for this week because although I did it for the 30 block Splendid Sampler quilt I made, I am not doing it for the 100 block one. So I chose two others.Block 7 of the Splendid SamplerSnug as a Bug in a rug. Block 7. Block 6 of the Splendid SamplerFocal Point – Block 6
  • Walk 50000 steps Just 44000 steps accomplished, however quite a bit of gardening done as my outside time so feeling pretty happy with that. I made use of some dry weather to get out and weed.

This Week

  • Sew sliced rows together on Space quilt to make a cornerstone quilt.
  • Sew the Grandma’s Kitchen block out this week.
  • Sew a Splendid Sampler block, or two.
  • Walk 50000 steps.
  • Time gardening, weather permitting.

Monday Post

I have been working with small step goals to complete blocks for quilts I want to make. This week I completed three blocks in the Bloom Sew Along which means I have eight of the sixteen I intend doing.

Flower quilt block Large flower quilt block Yellow flower quilt block

I also completed the 10″ block from the Grandma’s Kitchen QAL with Pat Sloan. This week it was a focus on wash day.  As a young child I remember Nana T’s wash day. (Early 1950’s)  It was in the wash house area just off the kitchen.  She had a copper out there, a fire was lit underneath and the water boiled. Then the clothes – sheets are what I remember – were swished around with a large wooden stick. They were then lifted via the large wooden stick and put through a hand wringer into a tub of cold water. Rinsed around and put through the hand wringer again and then hung out on the long line at the back of the house.

What a lot of work! I am so pleased to have been there and seen this. It is something that has always stuck in my mind, the smell of the copper and the work. So easy now to dump the washing in the machine and walk away. The only thing in common is that I still hang the clothes on the line.

Wash Day quilt block

The Splendid Sampler block – 61/2 ” – for the past week was called Lina’s Gift.  Block 18 and on Page 7 of the book.

Block 18 of the Splendid sampler


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