To-Do Tuesday

Well as things happen life sometimes puts sewing and the usual round of things on the back burner so it turned out I wasn’t here for a couple of weeks. But now I am back. This was my last list.  So where am I up to?

To-Do for the week of the 5th of September

  • Sandwich and baste my Space quilt, possibly a little bit of stitching in the ditch. I am actually on the home run now with this. It is my one monthly goal to finish and all going well I’ll make it.Stitching in the Ditch
  • Start working on September block #2 of the #ILoveHomequilt  18 and 1/2″  block. I love this quilt along, I had started it and done the applique earlier in the month and yesterday I sewed it all together. I am loving this quilt along by Jacquelynne StevesHouse quilt block
  • Complete this week’s Grandma’s Kitchen block. Completed the 10 and 1/2″ Peppermint SwirlsNo 11. Block. Grandma's KitchenAnd Kitchen Door in the Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt along. 12 and 1/2″ blockBlock 12 Grandma's Kitchen
  • Complete a Splendid Sampler block  – no.
  • Some gardening – weather permitting – I did get a little done but when the weather is good I need to get out there!

To-Do for week of 26th September

  • Complete two Grandma’s Kitchen blocks
  • One or two Splendid Sampler blocks
  • Start on I Love Dirt quilt top
  • Some gardening, weather permitting.
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

To-Do Tuesday 29th August

Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Last Week’s List

  • Sew a nine patch block a day and then slice it in four, for the not so quick cornerstone quilt! I aim to have it fully pieced by the end of September. Well as it turns out I got all those blocks done and sliced!Quilt block ready for cornerstone quilt
  • Sew last weeks and this weeks Grandma’s Kitchen blocks. I got onto those and once started they didn’t take too long! Both Grandma’s wore aprons and I am thinking no wonder, because with the labour of washing who’d want to wash too many clothes in those days.Block 8 of Grandma's Kitchen quiltBlock 9 of Grandma's Kitchen quiltAnd this one is Grandma’s Kitchen window.
  • Sew this weeks Splendid Sampler block and start one of the embroidery ones that I haven’t done. I did two from the Splendid Sampler, not the one set for this week because although I did it for the 30 block Splendid Sampler quilt I made, I am not doing it for the 100 block one. So I chose two others.Block 7 of the Splendid SamplerSnug as a Bug in a rug. Block 7. Block 6 of the Splendid SamplerFocal Point – Block 6
  • Walk 50000 steps Just 44000 steps accomplished, however quite a bit of gardening done as my outside time so feeling pretty happy with that. I made use of some dry weather to get out and weed.

This Week

  • Sew sliced rows together on Space quilt to make a cornerstone quilt.
  • Sew the Grandma’s Kitchen block out this week.
  • Sew a Splendid Sampler block, or two.
  • Walk 50000 steps.
  • Time gardening, weather permitting.

Monday Post

I have been working with small step goals to complete blocks for quilts I want to make. This week I completed three blocks in the Bloom Sew Along which means I have eight of the sixteen I intend doing.

Flower quilt block Large flower quilt block Yellow flower quilt block

I also completed the 10″ block from the Grandma’s Kitchen QAL with Pat Sloan. This week it was a focus on wash day.  As a young child I remember Nana T’s wash day. (Early 1950’s)  It was in the wash house area just off the kitchen.  She had a copper out there, a fire was lit underneath and the water boiled. Then the clothes – sheets are what I remember – were swished around with a large wooden stick. They were then lifted via the large wooden stick and put through a hand wringer into a tub of cold water. Rinsed around and put through the hand wringer again and then hung out on the long line at the back of the house.

What a lot of work! I am so pleased to have been there and seen this. It is something that has always stuck in my mind, the smell of the copper and the work. So easy now to dump the washing in the machine and walk away. The only thing in common is that I still hang the clothes on the line.

Wash Day quilt block

The Splendid Sampler block – 61/2 ” – for the past week was called Lina’s Gift.  Block 18 and on Page 7 of the book.

Block 18 of the Splendid sampler


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Monday Musings

What am I crushing on this week?

Well I am loving the quilt I am working on at the moment. Even though I am not a pink person I could easily keep this quilt although it has someone else’s name on it.  It is the Anne of Green Gables – a Penny Rose fabric.

Stitching in the ditch

While I am stitching this quilt in the ditch I am listening to a novel by Emilie Richards – Sister’s Choice.  It is from her Shenandoah series.  This series inspired me to take up quilting, I just loved the characters and the quilting. At present I am rereading the series via audiobook and loving them all over again.

Audiobook cover

Blocks I completed this past week.

  1. Bloom #5 Two flowers bloom block
  2. Grandma’s Kitchen #5  A Pat Sloan QAL This one is called glasses and cups. Honestly I don’t remember my grandma’s glasses and cups. But I do remember the great pots of tea they made and the many times we sat down to a good cup of tea and some home baking with them. I still drink tea using leaves and a pot – thanks to both my nanas for this great tradition!Block #5 GK
  3. Splendid Sampler block 49 Summer’s GiftBlock #49 Splendid Sampler

BOMS away at What a Hoot Quilts

Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt

Main Crush Monday at Cooking Up Quilts

Grandma’s Kitchen:Block #3

Block #3 in the Grandma’s Kitchen QAL with Pat Sloan is called the Key Holder by Pat.  I do not remember either of my grandparents having a key holder. Neither set had cars, so no car keys. I am not sure if they locked doors, but if they did the key was most likely just kept in the door.  So instead I’ll just talk about Nana T for this block.

What I remember about her was that she was deaf. As a pre-schooler around 4 or 5 when I came down to the kitchen in her home,  in the morning she did not have her hearing aid in. She’d have her slippers and apron on, may even have been smoking a cigarette, but not reached getting those aids in. When I would ask her something she’d say in her gentle voice, “Just a moment dear, I haven’t got my hearing aid in”.

The key to being heard was those hearing aids. I remember the batteries, they were big and she kept them down her chest somewhere! Not quite sure how that worked!

The key holder quilt block

Solstice Quilt Top Finish

I finally finished this week my Solstice Challenge QAL top, from Pat Sloan’s blog. Well I started it after the QAL was finishing, but on a whim thought I’d do it. The photo hasn’t really picked out the colours well but they are fun ones that I love so I will be keeping this one, once I quilt it.  It was a large 86″ square quilt and as I didn’t want one that big I made it 75% of that, so some maths involved but it all worked out and went together! Its about 64″ square which is still sizeable.
Before it was finished.
182 Solstice Challenge blocks
182 Day Solstice Challenge Quilt
The fact it is an asymmetrical pattern was a little challenging for me as I like things symmetrical but it’s good to do something that pushes my buttons!
This closeup shows the  colours a little more. I’ll be putting it aside now as I have a couple of other tops that I want to work on sandwiching and quilting.  And I am joining in with the next Pat Sloan QAL – Grandma’s Kitchen. This time starting more or less from the start, although I have to catch up on the first two blocks.
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Mid Year look at Quilts in Progress.

I seem to start a lot of quilts, although I suspect that is what quite a number of quilters do! In this post I am not at this point looking back at what I have completed this year, but rather what I am working on and plans for furthering them along.


  1. Splendid Sampler – I aim to make 100 6 inch blocks, so that I can then piece them together and make a bed size quilt for the winter with a woollen batting. This will not be completed until next year – maybe mid 2018.Blocks for Splendid Sampler
  2.  Bloom Quilt from the Bloom Sew Along at Bee in my Bonnet. Obviously I am not doing it when it was first shared, but in my own time. I am working on the fourth block at present. I will give this away when I finally finish!3 Flowers blocks
  3. The 182 Solstice sew along with Pat Sloan which is now finished but as it was ending, on a whim I decided to start sewing it! I have three more blocks to do, plus the sashing and various fillers. I hope to finish this by the end of the year. Its for myself! It was meant to be bigger but I have downsized the blocks to 75% because I only wanted throw size.182 Solstice Challenge blocks
  4. Scrappy Quilt of Log Cabin and sixteen patches. I made this with left over fabric from a quilt I made a young relative. I think I will finish the quilting side of this by October so that it can be used at a fund raising event at a local school, where the children fund raise for Mission work. I think it is about 40 ” by 50″ from memory.Scrappy quilt top
  5. Craftsy 2016 block of month quilt   I bought the kit for this and have been piecing it, way behind of course, but it doesn’t really matter. I intend giving it to one of my sisters for a belated significant birthday. I haven’t made it as big as the pattern because again I don’t want a quilt that big. My next task is to quilt it. The backing just arrived today, I have chosen a minky fabric. Er… White! Not sure that is such a good choice!2016 Block of Month Quilt - Craftsy
  6. Anne of Green Gables Quilt.  I am making this for a young family member, think she is ten. I have finished the top. Now just waiting for the backing to arrive and then will quilt it and present. Hopefully in the next month or two.Pink quilt top
  7. Almost forgot the Leah Day Free Motion Block Party that I am doing. Think I have done five blocks and haven’t done June yet. Might be awhile with the other things on the go!Block Party 2017 Machine Block Party blocksThere just isn’t enough hours in the day! I will begin blocks for one more quilt along Grandma’s Kitchen Sew Along with Pat Sloan, the fabric is on its way, block one is already out, but I can catch up. Ahem!!

Splendid Sampler Throw Quilt

In 2016 I took part in the Splendid Sampler quilt along. As I was just learning to quilt and six inch blocks are quite a challenge, I used scrap material and a few fat quarters. I was going for a purple / yellow look, but I used red/blue too, thinking I might make two quilts. However after thirty blocks I was distracted by other quilt making and just let the blocks sit.

However I thought it a shame to just leave them so decided to practice a little free motion quilting and complete it as a quilt as you go.  The quilt is very bright! But… it makes my heart happy and I am already finding it very cosy for cool nights to cuddle into as I read or watch TV.

I completed this quilt in April 2017. I have pre-ordered the Splendid Sampler book and would like to make a large quilt with a quieter more homogenous colours. But one that I still love.

Throw Quilt

.Some of the blocks included. Clicking on them will bring them up larger.

I added cuddle fleece to the back, I had already backed with material, but I wanted something warmer. I had used a cotton batting, which is really a summer kind of weight.

Backing of quilt

I have washed it successfully and now to use!