Splendid Sampler 2 Quilt


I finished my Splendid Sampler Quilt and I have been tempted into the second version of this and the quilt along. I can’t resist these 6 inch finished blocks and I learned so much from the first one.

Quilt Block

I have chosen my fabric – Pepper and Flax by Corey Yoda for Moda.

Fabric by Moda

I have been tempted to add in either some purple or coral but I am holding back, I kind of want to see what it might be like with only the colours above.

At The Splendid Sampler website there will be one block a week until the book for the Splendid Sampler 2 is published.

The first block has been designed by Alex Veronelli, you can see his beautiful block and read about his work with Aurifil thread here.  This block is made in a really interesting way. Find the pattern here.


Quilt Market block


Last Week of October

Plan for Week of 24 October was

  • Complete the blanket stitching around the I Love Dirt blocks.  Almost there.√ Yes Done.
  • Complete the second pre-school quilt. √ Yes Done. And passed on for use.
  • Work on Grandma’s Kitchen block and Splendid sampler blocks hopefully. I completed Block 17 of GK. It’s called Pantry Goods. I don’t remember my own Grandma’s pantry, but I do recall my two year old great niece Scarlett inspecting her Great Grandfather’s pantry to find the box of biscuits – from which she’d like to extract one or sometimes… more!Grandma's Kitchen Block 17Quilt block by Jane DavidsonThis was designed by Jane Davidson and is a Splendid Sampler block – foundation piecing.Block designed by Faith JonesAnother piece that involved foundation piecing – designed by Faith Jones. For the Splendid Sampler quilt.
  • Possibly some Country Fair blocks.√ Yes I did two more. I now have 14 blocks completed for this scrap quilt using 21/2″ squares.

Plan for the first week in November!

  • Make at least one log cabin heart block.
  • Make a couple of Splendid sampler blocks.
  • The Grandma’s Kitchen block for this week.
  • Couple of Country Fair blocks
  • Cut sashings, borders and binding strips for the I Love Dirt quilt.
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

To-Do Tuesday

Last Week

  • Complete two Grandma’s Kitchen blocks  – got one completed Sunday Dinner.Block #13 Grandma's Kitchen
  • One or two Splendid Sampler blocks – I did really well on this one and got caught upQuilt blocks
  • Start on I Love Dirt quilt top – yes got the pattern size adjusted according to its instructions. Read through the pattern to get acquainted!
  • Some gardening, weather permitting.  Yes – lawns mowed and a little weeding. Beans and potatoes planted.

To-Do for week of 3rd October

  • Do two applique blocks in the “I Love Dirt” quilt
  • Start Block #3 of the “I Love Home” Quilt along – block for October
  • Two Splendid Sampler blocks
  • One or two Grandma’s Kitchen blocks
  • Some gardening!
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

To-Do Tuesday

Well as things happen life sometimes puts sewing and the usual round of things on the back burner so it turned out I wasn’t here for a couple of weeks. But now I am back. This was my last list.  So where am I up to?

To-Do for the week of the 5th of September

  • Sandwich and baste my Space quilt, possibly a little bit of stitching in the ditch. I am actually on the home run now with this. It is my one monthly goal to finish and all going well I’ll make it.Stitching in the Ditch
  • Start working on September block #2 of the #ILoveHomequilt  18 and 1/2″  block. I love this quilt along, I had started it and done the applique earlier in the month and yesterday I sewed it all together. I am loving this quilt along by Jacquelynne StevesHouse quilt block
  • Complete this week’s Grandma’s Kitchen block. Completed the 10 and 1/2″ Peppermint SwirlsNo 11. Block. Grandma's KitchenAnd Kitchen Door in the Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt along. 12 and 1/2″ blockBlock 12 Grandma's Kitchen
  • Complete a Splendid Sampler block  – no.
  • Some gardening – weather permitting – I did get a little done but when the weather is good I need to get out there!

To-Do for week of 26th September

  • Complete two Grandma’s Kitchen blocks
  • One or two Splendid Sampler blocks
  • Start on I Love Dirt quilt top
  • Some gardening, weather permitting.
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Grandma’s Kitchen: Half a Modern

Block 4 Grandma's Kitchen QAL

Block 4 Half a Modern designed by Pat Sloan.

Pat talks about her half modern Grandma’s Kitchen – however neither of my grandma’s had very modern kitchens. At least when I first stayed with them back in the ’50’s. When they were much older and had changed houses they did have a fridge, electric stove etc.

My Nana T’s kitchen was at the back of a large wooden villa, facing South towards the Antarctic, so therefore away from the sun and facing cold winds. It was very cold in the winter and until the fire that heated the oven was going, it was shivery!  While I don’t remember exactly where, there would have been a safe to keep things cool as in those days just a few years off having a fridge.  When she moved to live near her daughter in later life she had a small kitchen with better mod cons.

My Nana C’s kitchen did have a refrigerator because when I lay in bed at night in a small room off the kitchen I was comforted by the humming of it. She moved at least four times before she came to live with my parents. Her kitchens were small but adequate and she produced some very yummy roast meals from them. Her gravy was superb.

And a modern tale

I don’t ever remember cooking with them, but as a very half modern aside, the other day I walked into one of my sister’s kitchens to find her with her three and a half year old grandson Max up on the bench and he was cutting out circles with a glass for little savouries for his sister’s birthday – the next day. Later I believe Anne put the beaten eggs into a teapot so that he could pour it over the mixture. I so hope he remembers his grandma’s kitchen in the future.

Grandma’s Kitchen: Vanilla Memories

Today I completed Block 2 of the Grandma’s Kitchen – named Sticky Buns by its designer Pat Sloan.  However my grandma’s never gave me sticky buns so I have called mine Vanilla memories. It wasn’t breakfast, but it was an early morning snack as we sat there. As a 3 or 4 year old I remember sitting on Nana C’s verandah on luggage waiting to catch a  steam train up to the farm in Fielding from where she lived in Te Moana Rd, Waikanae, .

Sitting beside me was my uncle, older than me by two years. We were sucking on vanilla milk ice blocks. I loved them and always remember that wonderful vanilla taste. No vanilla has ever tasted better.

Quilt Block from Grandma's Kitchen

Quilt Plan for July

There are a number of projects I have on the go! This is my plan for July

  • Week 1   –  Complete the top of the 182 Solstice Quilt so that I can fold it away for awhile until I have time to quilt it.182 Solstice Challenge blocks
  • Week 2 –    Press, baste and quilt my Lynette Jensen Craftsy Class quilt and then I have the rest of the month to bind it.  My one month major goal!2016 Block of Month Quilt - Craftsy
  • Week 3 – Catch up on the Splendid Sampler blocks that have been set so that I am up to date.Blocks for Splendid Sampler
  • Week 4 Make a start on the sew along Grandma’s Kitchen  if my fabric has arrived by then, should do. I also need to buy some light background fabric for this.  Also look at fabric requirements for the I Love Home sew along beginning in August. Any spare time I have I will work on the Bloom blocks, maybe I will get one or two more completed.