To Do Tuesday #49 Christmas in the Wings.


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Last weeks plans.

  • Finish quilting the Magnolia quilt and maybe machine sew on the binding to the front ready for hand sewing the back.  I finished the quilting but still need to machine sew on the binding. Magnolia Quilt folded 
  • Make pillowslip #3 and the final one I want to make.. I did make the final one but somehow it just didn’t turn out right. Will need to make another.
  • Continue making the Chilhowie – Bonnie Hunter blocks and make a start on the Sewcialites block #8 when it comes out.  I finished up clue #3 and this week it’s #4. As I am making the quilt 3/4 the size of the actual one I have to make 12 sets of 8 half square triangles and 4 quarter square triangles to go with each. 3 sets done. Clue #4 Chilhowie 
  • I also made the Sewcialites 2 # 8 block. Was quite challenging to make. I decided to simplify this week and didn’t do the 3 1/2″ version.  Designed by Shereece Nicole and named Interwoven. Block 7 Sew

I also went to beach with one of my sisters to try to photograph a couple of quilts for my yearly calendar I like to make but… it was extremely windy. So not very successful and we now have had so much wet weather can’t photograph outside yet. Will have to wait.

Edyta Sitar Pattern that I did, Mystery Quilt ’20 I think.

Edytar Sitar 21

And my Riley Blake Challenge ’22 quilt. Really need to improve on this photo! Although the beach is pleasant!Riley Blake Challenge '22

Week of 20th December.

  • make the third and final pillowslip. Has to be done!!
  • Continue with Chilhowie clue #4 of Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.
  • Sew binding on Magnolia quilt.

And possibles if works out but could be a bit busier than usual!

  • Make next Sewcialites 2 block.

To Do #46 A Mystery Quilt Along and Mourning the Quilt and Tell Podcast loss.


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

I was really upset to hear the Quilt and Tell podcast has been canned by the bosses. Tracy, Lori and Ginger really entertained me with their warm friendship  shared among them and great quilting discussions. I hope they do something under their own steam. They are @SewSupportive, @gstquiltandsews and @loribake on Instagram.

I love good quilting podcasts and the above one was one of my top. favourites.

I also went down under another mystery quilt along. This time with Bonnie K. Hunter’s Chilhowie Quilt  No I wasn’t going to do it, but even though I have projects, the call of something different was too much. I am only using what I have in my stash though, no buying. I am using purple, orange and green. Green instead of aqua as I don’t have much aqua but lots of green.  I don’t intend rushing to keep up, I’ll just stroll along as I feel like it.

Plans for week of November 22nd.

Complete hand sewing of binding on Riley Blake Challenge Quilt.  Done. Here is a back view of it as I want to get out when the weather fines up to take a front view.  I made a really scrappy backing for this quilt. Backview of RBC quilt

Do some quilting on the Magnolia quilt.  Yes I am moving along and planning what do do to it next.Quilting on Magnolia

Make the 3 inch Sewcialites 1 block instead of the one in Sewcialites 2. Block 29. 

Yes I want for this option and it was easier than the S2 option. However not my finest but just going to keep it and put it in. S2 Bl 5

Plan for Week of 29th Nov into December!

  • Continue with the quilting of the Magnolia quilt.
  • Make a Sewcialite 2 block 6 I think.
  • Try to figure how to make a pillowslip  with Christmas fabric. I want to make it with a flap but am bamboozled by the variety of tutorials on You Tube but aim to try and combine two that just may help me.
  • Make some Chilhowie blocks here and there!

To Do #44


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Plans for the past week were:

Finish Quilting Riley Blake Block Challenge.

Done.Riley Blake Challenge no binding 

Make the Designer Mystery Block of the Month using Nantucket Summer.  Done.  Vanessa Goertzen was the designer for Block 5.DMB 5 

Work on the Sewcialites next block – 4. In at least one of the fabrics I’m doing it in.

Six and half inch block. Flirty designed by Chelsi Stratton, done in Nantucket Summer by Camille. And the three inch block in Seashore Drive fabric by Sherri and Chelsi.

Plans for Week of 15th November.

Make binding and machine sew one side on to the Riley Blake quilt.

Make Sewcialites Block 5 in a couple of fabrics.

Pick out what I will quilt next and organise backing and batting and pin together.

To Do #43


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I like sticking to three things! It makes me focus on the main things and if something else takes my eye, then it comes after what I set. I like making a list and a list of three is great.

To Do Plans for Week of Nov 1st were

  • Quilt the Riley Blake Challenge quilt each day or most days I worked on it six out of the seven days and made good progress. It will need more hours though.
  • Make the Block 3 Sewcialites blocks. I completed the two six inch blocks and the one three inch block. Here is one of the six inch blocks and the three inch. The one on the right is the three inch. It looks bigger because of the editing!


  • Make A Quilting Life BOM for November. That came out fairly early and I got on to it. Here is the 12 inch block and I also completed a six inch in different fabric. One more month to goBOM November

For the Week of the 8th of November

  • keep quilting the Riley Blake Challenge block. It may bring me near the end I think.
  • Make the block in the Designer Mystery block – Block 5 designed by Vanessa Goertzen this month.
  • Work on the Sewcialites next block – 4. In at least one of the fabrics I’m doing it in. I’ll be able to start that on Saturday, it comes out on Friday.

To Do Tuesday #42


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Week of 25th October Plans

Pin my Riley Blake Challenge top was done.Pinned q

Make Sewcialites Block 2 in the three versions I am doing. Two 6″ blocks and one 3″ one when finished.  This one was called Tussy Mussy and was designed by Susan Ache.Sewcialites Bl 2
And my last goal was a free play.  I mucked around a bit with Pat Sloan’s design of All My Stars with a Cosy Up 5″ stackers by Corey Yoder and a bit of green I had left over from the Riley Blake Challenge. No rush on it, just when I feel like putting a few bits together.Pat Sloans. All My starsjpg

To Do Week of November 1st.

  • Quilt the Riley Blake Challenge quilt each day or most days
  • Make the Block 3 Sewcialites blocks.
  • Make A Quilting Life BOM for November.

To Do Tuesday #40


Linking up with Texas Quilt Gal

  • Plan for October 11th Week was – Main Three

  • I am doing the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM and it has a setting that I am doing as well. Although as I don’t want an 80″ square quilt I am adapting the setting and so am making a log cabin block and changing size. Involves Maths! So I want to get at least one or two of the log cabins made and attached to the first block. I made two log cabins and one star corner block. I still have another one of those to do and then I can sew the first row together. I did adapt the log cabin from 14″ to 12″ finished – the centre I made 3″ instead of 6″ and then downsized the strips a little. I love the Nantucket Summer fabric and really enjoyed the interview of Camille Roskelley by FQS on You Tube last week.Nantucket blocks 1 
  • Continue quilting the Edyta Sitar mystery quilt – might get it finished. I did finish it and readied it for binding. That was sewn on and now just the hand sewing part. Quilting on mystery Q 
  • Work on making a scrappy backing out of left over fabric for my Riley Blake Challenge quilt top.  I made the scrappy backing, it was a bit too improv so hope it sits flat when I pin it to the front which will be the Riley Blake QAL ’22 top. I used discarded blocks, plus left over Anne of Green Gables fabric.Backing 

Plan for Week of 18th of October.   Main Three

  • Finish hand sewing the binding to the back of the Edyta Sitar Mystery Quilt
  • Make the second star block and sew first row of Nantucket Summer QAL from FQS
  • Watch for first block of the FQS  Sewcialites QAL out at the end of the week. I am going to do the 6″ in Nantucket Summer fabric. This is the left overs from the QAL above as FQS is very generous with fabric for that QAL. If I don’t have enough I am going to watch for when Dwell comes out as it has similar fabric and should work in. I am also going to try doing the 3″ blocks in two different fabrics. That is x2 quilts. One is Sherri & Chelsi fabric and one is picked out fabric from my stash in blue and yellow. To start with I will cut out and hopefully sew the 6″ block by next Tuesday.

To Do #30


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Week of 26th July.

These are the main three, I’ll probably do other things as well but these are the priority!

  • Finish quilting the Ombre Carnival quilt and maybe get the binding sewn together. DoneOmbre Cranival Quilted.
  • Sew the blocks together of the Riley Blake challenge from earlier. Hopefully it will nearer to a top by the end of this week. Done.Riley Blake Challenge top 
    • Sew together a jigsaw of batting for my next quilt to quilt. The quilt is scrappy and I will maybe try out an all over design I have seen Stitched by Susan do on her long arm. Harder on the sit-down so won’t be as good but as its not an important quilt it will hopefully be okay.  She calls it Crazy Eights.Batting sewn together, and all pinned ready to be quilted.Ready for Quilting

Week of 2nd of August.

  • Machine sew binding on Carnival Ombre Quilt
  • Quilt the Crazy 8’s design onto above pinned quilt.
  • Finish hand sewing binding on my Rustic Charm Quilt

To Do Tuesday #23


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Plans for May 31st week were

  • Continue making Rustic Charm blocks. I have 36 which is enough to give me a 60 x 60 inch quilt which is about all I want.
  • Add some blocks to the Riley Blake layout. Finished all the link blocks, however feels like not enough space in some places, I am thinking of putting in some sashing, but taking it down off the wall and leaving it for awhile as want to focus on Rustic Charm top. Might have green posts, will think about it.Irish Chains RBC 
  • Serendiptiy. – I decided one plan to take me wherever I feel like picking up.So I decided one day to pin together my Scrappy Crossroads top I made last year. So that made it ready for quilting.Crossroads
  • I also made a cushion from a drawing from Miss 8 year old, she’d drawn one of her favourite characters from a book, on fabric I’d given her. We used crayon that I heat set.Cushion 4 AudreyAnd best of all I finally finished off the hand sewing on the binding of my Nine-Patch Square Dance quilt and can now call it finished. So  pieced and quilted in 2022!  I love it, it was made from scraps mostly, left over from another quilt.  I need to get a really good photo of this one for my 2023 calendar. nine patch square dance

Plans for June 7th Week

  • start piecing the Rustic Charm top together
  • Quilt as much as I can on the Scrappy Crossroads quilt.
  • Serendipity – because I like not planning and then picking something up on a whim. Best of both worlds because 1 & 2 are planning and 3 is mood sewing.