January OMG


Linking up with Elm St quilts

I want a simple goal for January so I am going to aim to complete my I Love Dirt quilt, the quilting needs to be completed and the binding put on.

I Love Dirt top before quilting


Next time this is seen it will be totally finished!


To-Do Tuesday

Last week

  • Complete at least another row or two of Grandma’s KitchenI have actually gotten all six rows done, now I just need to put them into rows of two for the quilting stage beginning on Jan 2.One row of blocks of Grandma's Kitchen
  • Complete the last two blocks for the above quilt along 
  • Add another layer of sashing to the #ILoveHome Quilt Sashing being added

I also worked on a quilt that I had given up on during the year as I didn’t like lots of things about it, however I awakened some enthusiasm for it again as I used it to practise a way of quilt as you go joining that doesn’t involve strips. Practising for the Grandma’s Kitchen quilt! I am only going to do six of the blocks of Leah Day’s Flower Festival mystery quilt along and add some borders – eventually!

Plans for the rest of December 2017!

  • Put the last bits of sashing on the #ILoveHome quilt – which is my December OMG.
  • Sew the Grandma’s Kitchen rows into three lots of two rows and I may or may not baste them.
  • Baste my #ILoveDirt quilt
  • Make a few more Splendid Sampler blocks
  • Possibly sew up the 6th Flower festival block
Stitch ALL The Things

Completed and To Complete

Week of 5th December

  • Start on the sashing of the #ILoveHome blocks Middle of #ILoveHome quilt
  • A Grandma’s Kitchen block or twoThat One Item
    I needed to think about what this block might represent as we had a choice. For one Nana I chose the memory of milk being delivered by a horse and cart and you left your billy out and they filled it. I remember it coming very early in the morning, I’d hear the clip clop of the horse, and it must have come in the afternoon too because I remember seeing it at the gate. This was early 1950’s and I would have been a pre-schooler.   For my other Nana it is the memory of travelling by train with her to my aunt and uncle’s farm and spending time there.  They had a dairy farm and again I was mostly a pre-schooler when we did that. My uncle who was two years older than me came too. I remember being pooed on by a cow which led to a scrubbing in the laundry tub before being allowed inside!So I guess that one item is milk!Pick a Posy block
    I don’t remember either of my grandmothers being gardeners. They didn’t need to be as their husbands were both fine gardeners. For Nana C what I do remember are hydrangeas growing around one of the properties they lived in. For Nana T her garden was full of roses and other flowers all grown by Pop.

I also sewed together row one and two of the Grandma’s Kitchen, I couldn’t decide what to do but eventually went with Pat Sloan’s layout. I also made a block to replace Small Change block which I didn’t like and meant nothing to me. So I did a teapot and cup because cups of hot tea (made with tea leaves) was something that both Grandmas did and I still do today!Grandma's Kitchen block


  • Find out how my niece would like me to put together the I Love Dirt quilt for the Australian weather √ I finally found a cool enough morning that I felt I could even discuss a quilt! We decided on the option of a wool batting with the cotton top and a cotton backing. I have ordered some fabric for backing, from Grandma’s Garden, covered in trucks! It isn’t wide enough so will just need to piece it a little. Backing for Quilt
  • A Splendid Sampler block or two.  No.

This is the patchwork bag I made – first ever. I had a few challenges and biggest was for closure. The magnets I used didn’t work and in the end I went for velcro spots.Patchwork bag

So what’s up for the coming week?

  • Complete at least another row or two of Grandma’s Kitchen
  • Complete the last two blocks for the above quilt along
  • Add another layer of sashing to the #ILoveHome Quilt


Stitch ALL The Things

Week 3 of November Achievements

Achievments for Week 3 of November

  • Complete 3 more blocks in the Splendid Sampler I started on these first as I have the goal of making 14 this month.  I now have 9/14 done. The two piecing ones I did I found quite difficult and they are  not the best. One was foundation pieced and while I usually enjoy that, this one – not so much! It ended up a little smaller than 61/2″ so will just have to put a slightly bigger border on it. For the third one I chose an easy appliqué block!
    Block 89 of Splendid Sampler

    Titled From Colorado to the Midwest and designed by Ebony Love.

    Block 93 of Splendid Sampler

    Titled Tiny Miracles and designed by April Rosenthal.

    Bonus block of Splendid Sampler

    And the bonus block designed by Pat Sloan.

  • Complete one log cabin heart block√  I added one more to the growing pile of blocks.
  • Sew couple of sashings onto centre of I Love Home block #3
  • Complete this weeks Grandma’s Kitchen block√ I don’t remember my grandmother’s plates but I do know that my own mother loved china. When she was growing up in the 1930’s in a small back country place she used to visit a tip and pick out pieces of broken pretty china.  When she married over the years she gathered some beautiful China, she left behind her much to be shared out between her daughters and grand-daughters.Lovely Dishes blockI really like this block and would like a whole quilt of it… but I found my piecing was off on this one so would need to slow down and see if I can do better! Anyways!

Plan for Week 4 of November

  • Three more blocks for the Splendid Sampler
  • Complete the I Love Home block
  • Sew up Block #21 of Grandma’s Kitchen
  • One Log Cabin Heart block
  • Possibly sew on final sashing of the I Love Dirt quilt.


Stitch ALL The Things

First Week in November Achievements

Plan for the first week in November!

  • Make at least one log cabin heart block.   Yes – one made. I now have six blocks.Group of Log Cabin Heart blocks
  • Make a couple of Splendid sampler blocks.Block 83 of Splendid SamplerThis is titled Minnesota Maze and was designed by Roseann Kermes. It is Block 83 of Splendid Sampler.Block 81 of Splendid SamplerThis is titled With Love From and is number 81 of the Splendid Sampler. Designed by Cat DeMack.  The xoxo is foundation piecing.Block 97 of Splendid SamplerThis is titled A Girl’s First Purse and is Block 97 of the Splendid Sampler. Designed by Di Mill. I still have to buy the right buttons to put on it, something darker.
  • The Grandma’s Kitchen block for this week.Block 18 of Grandma's KitchenBlock 18 of Grandma’s Kitchen titled The Fridge. I do remember a big old fridge at one of my nana’s house. It rumbled away at night and as I had a bed off the kitchen when I stayed I found it a very comforting sound.
  • Couple of Country Fair blocksScrappy blockI completed three of these blocks. I have only three more blocks to make in this and I will have a quilt top. That’s good because my 2 1/2 ” scraps in these colours are almost used up, which is the point really.
  • Cut sashings, borders and binding strips for the I Love Dirt quilt.  – Yes done.

Plan for Week 2 in November

  • Add inner border to the “I Love Dirt” quilt top
  • Sew 3 more Splendid Sampler six inch blocks
  • Make the Grandma’s Kitchen block released this week.
  • Start on block 4 of the “I Love Home” BOM. Will be released tomorrow. This is my favourite quilt along this year.
  • Make some Country Fair blocks – maybe the final three.
  • Make a Log Cabin Heart block
Stitch ALL The Things

Last Week of October

Plan for Week of 24 October was

  • Complete the blanket stitching around the I Love Dirt blocks.  Almost there.√ Yes Done.
  • Complete the second pre-school quilt. √ Yes Done. And passed on for use.
  • Work on Grandma’s Kitchen block and Splendid sampler blocks hopefully. I completed Block 17 of GK. It’s called Pantry Goods. I don’t remember my own Grandma’s pantry, but I do recall my two year old great niece Scarlett inspecting her Great Grandfather’s pantry to find the box of biscuits – from which she’d like to extract one or sometimes… more!Grandma's Kitchen Block 17Quilt block by Jane DavidsonThis was designed by Jane Davidson and is a Splendid Sampler block – foundation piecing.Block designed by Faith JonesAnother piece that involved foundation piecing – designed by Faith Jones. For the Splendid Sampler quilt.
  • Possibly some Country Fair blocks.√ Yes I did two more. I now have 14 blocks completed for this scrap quilt using 21/2″ squares.

Plan for the first week in November!

  • Make at least one log cabin heart block.
  • Make a couple of Splendid sampler blocks.
  • The Grandma’s Kitchen block for this week.
  • Couple of Country Fair blocks
  • Cut sashings, borders and binding strips for the I Love Dirt quilt.
Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

I Love Dirt blocks have been Appliquéd on.

October one month goal

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts to focus on one main goal for October

My goal was  to appliqué each of the individual  blocks. I paced myself during the month and now have all the blocks cut out and appliquéd on, ready for the next stage. Quite possibly the next stage might be my November goal!

Collage of vehicles on quilt blocks

I have linked them all in a collage – they are still all individual blocks. But I am very happy to have finished the machine appliqué because as you know it is a little like watching paint dry!

To-Do Tuesday

Stitch ALL The Things
This week I am joining up with Stitch All the Things to look at what I need to do in the coming week, or lets re-word that… what I want to do!

Last Week’s list

  • Sew sliced rows together on Space quilt to make a cornerstone quilt. √
  • Sew the Grandma’s Kitchen block out this week.Block #10 Grandma's Kitchen
  • Sew a Splendid Sampler block, or two.Block from the Splendid Sampler Splendid Sampler block
  • Walk 50000 steps.  No – 44 000
  • Time gardening, weather permitting.  √  Big yes, very happy with what I achieved. Dug in all the lupin and mustard so that in another few weeks I can start planting potatoes etc.  Digging in the vegie garden

To-Do for the week of the 5th of September

  • Sandwich and baste my Space quilt, possibly a little bit of stitching in the ditch.
  • Start working on September block #2 of the #ILoveHomequilt
  • Complete this week’s Grandma’s Kitchen block
  • Complete a Splendid Sampler block
  • Some gardening – weather permitting