Quilts Made 2019

Sunshine Garden Quilt

I pieced and quilted this over January to March, my sister wanted something to put on her bed. This quilt should have had a curved border but I decided not to practise on this one!

small quilt

This is a small quilt that I made for Poppy the cat because she was using the one I made for Francey my friend. I am not sure though that it cured her!

cats and log cabin blocksSometimes I start and finish something in the same year. I made this one because I love log cabin quilts. I gifted this to my lovely nurse niece Kelsey. She loves cats so seemed right. I want to make another in purple colours for someone young in the family who wants one but the cat or cats have to have a collar with A on it. Oh well I’ll see.

Bloom Quilt finished

I did piece this a year or so ago but of course getting to quilting it takes longer. I quilted this year and the perfect person to gift it to seemed to be Awhi the 3 year old sister of Isla. Isla’s quilt is on the 2018 page. Here they are on the bunk beds when they got back to Auckland in December.

two quilts